Saturday, March 03, 2007

Super Powers

If you could have any super power, flying, transportation, invisibiliity, etc..., what would you want to have?

It would really be cool if I had the ability to snap my fingers and it would force people to do what I want them to do by my thoughts. For example: If I wanted my husband to help out with the children. I would snap my fingers and he would do what I was thinking instead of me sounding like a nag. Or like when I want the play area cleaned up if I could just snap my fingers and my children would clean up the room without me nagging them to do so.

Another power that would be cool to have is the transportation power. Where again you snap your fingers and you are transported to another place. Like for exampe: My kids are driving me crazy and you know the saying, "Calgon Take Me Away". Well, there are days when I just think just that. Imagine having a rough day and then just snapping your fingers and presto you are in a hot tub relaxing? Or maybe on a beach in a tropical island.


Karen said...

Ah but what happens if you break your finger one day and you can't snap them any more. You'll be the helpless prey of your family who have been obeying your every whim all this time. Could be dangerous.

Stephanie said...

I picked transportation too! It would solve a lot of my problems.