Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fashion Statement

What is your favorite outfit right now? My favorite outfits right now would have to be sweat pants and sweat pants. I like to be comfortable especially when I'm doing tons of activities with the triplets. My favorite store is New York and Company. I love their sweat suits with the matching jackets. I am always buying a new one with a coupon as they are really comfortable.

What was your favorite 10 years ago? (If you have any pictures of yourself in the outfit include it.) Why was this outfit your favorite, what memories does it bring back - do you remember wearing it to a special occassion, or just hanging out with friends?
Ten years ago would be around the time I married my husband and lets see! I was a size 2 at that time. Yikes! I remember wearing jeans that I would lay down on the bed and zip up. I liked to wear things tight at that time. I also would get dressed up every day as I worked in a law firm in New York City. I would wear tons of those button down dresses with flowers on them. I remember my husband asking me why are there only flowered dresses in your closet. I also had flowered skirts with matching tops usually in a solid color. My favorite store was Dress Barn. You get the picture!

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