Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Raspberry Essence by Lauren Bavin
Font: DSP Sticky Keyboard

Digital Freebie

I found this really beautiful digital freebie kit. You can download it here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My name is Laura. I was born in Staten Island, NY on February 13, 1970. I have one sister. I am the oldest. At age 25 I married my high school sweetheart. We moved to NJ in 1996. We had adopted 2 fur children (cats) Diamonds and Rocky. At age 34 I had 3 children (Victoria, Justin and Naomi) . They are triplets born early at 33 1/2 weeks gestation.

Who you are in life?

I graduated high school in 1988 and attended business school specializing in court reporting. In 1993, I graduated with a degree in court reporting, however, I did not pursue this career instead I became a legal secretary. In 1997, I became an administrative assistant for a fitness company. Today, I am a mom to my three children. I have been paper scrapbooking for over 10 years and digital scrapbooking for 6 months. I am also on Bonnie's "Creative Digital Scrapbooking Team".

What life means to you?

I lead a very chaotic life. Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am sad, however, I am truly blessed. I have 2 girl friends who I would call on the phone. I belong to many clubs MOMs club, Triplet Moms club, MOPs (Mother's of Preschooler's). I also belong to many on-line groups. I will be celebrating 12 years married in June, however, we've been together for 20 years because we dated 8 years prior.

What is your outlook on the future?

Twenty years from now, the year 2027 my children will be 22 years old. I'm hoping they will all be off in college pursuing their goals and dreams while I rekindle my love affair with my husband. I would be 57 years old at that time. I would be in a smaller home probably a retirement type development. My husband and I will be celebrating 32 years of marrage and will have been together 40 years.


Born February 13, 1970. For 26 years lived in Staten Island, NY. In 1995, Married high-school sweetheart and moved to NJ in 1996. Adopted 2 cats Diamonds and Rocky. In 2004, had triplets (Victoria, Justin and Naomi). In conclusion, I am very blessed.

Monday, February 26, 2007


What's your favorite way to travel? Car, plane, train, boat? What do you do while you're traveling? (Assuming you're not the driver!)

My favorite way to travel is on a cruise ship. I have been on 6 or 7 of them so far in my life. They are so relaxing. I love to be pampered and on cruises that is just what happens. Also it's the only time I can drink without worrying about how I'm going to get home. Plus, I don't have to worry about cooking any meals. They serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are even snacks too. I prefer the sit down dinners and lunches as I like to be waited on. They have buffets too if you miss the sit-down meals. I've been on many cruise lines but I think the one I liked the best was the Norweigian one that I took for my honeymoon. We had a big window on that cruise. I've also had balcony's and inside rooms. I tell you the inside room was well worth the cost reduction on the last cruise we went on. It was our 10 year anniversary and we took a cruise with an inside room to save money and we got the same service as if we paid for the outside room. Plus, we got to relax as the room is so very dark so you really don't know if it's day or night time. Talking about cruises I so wish we could afford one again this year but that won't happen until we get our finances back in track.

DSU 261 - Lesson 3

Here's my completion of lesson 3. I so love the bottle caps and the sun charm I made. This was a really cool lesson to learn.

DSU 261 - Lesson 1

Here is my lesson 1 project for the elements class I signed up for in Feb. We had to make a brad, an eyelet, wire words and a metal tag.

DSU 261 - Lesson 2

I signed up for a photoshop elements class on making elements. It is a month class where each week you get lessons and homework. I am a bit behind on the lessons as life went a bit crazy this month. Anyway here is what I created for lesson 2. The photo is of my dad and Justin the day he had his bris. All the backgrounds and frame were made by me. I wasn't too thrilled how the frame came out but at least I tried. I do, however, love the rose background paper.

I'm in the middle of lesson 3 but I'm exhausted so off to bed I go. Hopefully I'll be able to complete lesson 3 tomorrow and start lesson 4. I hate being behind!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fur Children

Do you have any pets? What are their names? What kind of animals are they? Why do you like them?

I have two cats. Diamonds and Rocky are their names.

We purchased Diamonds from the pet store at the mall the year we got married in June 1995. She was born in March that year. She is half Siamese and half hymalayn. She has more hair then a Siamese. She is very friendly and likes to sit on your lap. Also when she is sitting on your lap she likes to kneed. She was named Diamonds because she is white and we adopted her right before our wedding so it symbolizes a wedding ring.


Rocky is a Persian cat. He is black and white. We purchased him from a breeder in 1996. He was born in July but we didn't get him until November. He is a very shy cat. Doesn't like noise. He will hide when we have company. When the triplets were born Rocky hides when they are awake. He will only come out when they are napping or sleeping because it is very noisy in our house. He was named Rocky because his fur reminded me of rocky road ice cream. Another reason was when we first brought him home he would fight with Diamonds so it reminded us of Rocky from the movie.

Diamonds and Rocky were our fur children for a long time before the triplets arrived. Now that the triplets are here they don't get as much attention as they used to.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Trouble Sleeping?

What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? Any special techniques for counting sheep or secret family recipes for warm milk? Ha, Ha, Ha. Very funny prompt! It's 1 am and here I am trying to do my blogging. Sleep, what's that? Just joking. When I can't sleep I find myself on my computer. Either I am scrapbooking, blogging or checking e-mails, downloading files and coding them. However, when I finally do lay down and I am still tossing and turning I will pick up a book which tends to make me sleepy and I start to close my eyes. I also have learned if I can clear my mind of everything. Like make it blank I will fall asleep. Reason I toss and turn is my mind is still going. Thinking of what I have to still do. Maybe it's not stuff I have to do right now but things I have to do during the week or next week or whatever.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What scrapbook company should you design for...?

KI MEMORIES DESIGN TEAM!Innovated and inspiring...two words that best describe your scrapbooking style. You are always growing and evolving to the next level with your pages and it shows with each and every layout you create.
Take this quiz!

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Which Scrapbook Paper Are you?

I saw this on Carolyn's blog

Which Scrapbooking Paper Collection Are You?

You are KAREN FOSTER paper!The present joys of life you doubtly taste by looking back with pleasure on the past.You love to scrapbook to cherish the memories. Your albums no doubt have a clean natural look to them and for the most part might like to keep in theme with neutral colors and avoid brights.
Take this quiz!

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Book Review

What kind of care do you take of your books? Let's review, shall we?

1. Are you careful with the spines? Or do you crack your books open to make them lay flat?
I like to have my books lay flat so I can read all the pages. Personally I like a journal that is spiral bound so I can have just the page I am writing on available instead of both pages at once. My steno pad is the best. I carry it with my laptop so I can jot down page ideas, journal ideas, challenges or whatever.

2. Do you use bookmarks? Or do you dog-ear the corners? If you do use bookmarks, do you use those fashionable metal ones? Or paper? Bookmarks what's that? If the book is mine then I would dog-ear the pages but lately I've been taking out books from the library and you will not believe what I use to hold my place (a torn out page from a scrapbook magazine). That's right I tear my magazines apart keeping only those pages which inspire me and the rest of the magazine gets trashed in the garbage.

3. Do you write in your books? Ever? If you do, do you make small marks, or write in as much blank space as you can find? Pen or pencil? Highlighter? Your name on the front page?
I don't write in my books. I don't even put my name in my books. I usually keep my steno note book and jot things down in that if I needed to.

4. Do you toss your books on the floor? Into bookbags? Or do you treat them tenderly, with respect? Books are put on bookshelves the ones which I own. I may occasionally have one on my night table in the bedroom. Books from the library are held in a book bag so it is easily brought back to the library when it's time.

5. Do you ever lay your book face-down, to save your place? Yes, occasionally I have been known to do this but not that often.

6. Um--water? Do you bathe with your books? Hold them with wet hands? Read out in the rain? Anything of that sort? Nope don't take baths so don't read in tub. Read in the rain? Who does that? I'm lucky if I get to read on the toilet!

7. Are your books lined up on a bookshelf? Or crammed in any which way? Stacked on the floor? Mine are shoved into my bookshelf and of course I have way too many so some are stacked on top of the lined up books. Most of my books are by author and some even have not been opened. Lack of time I guess. I am a collector.

8. Do you make a distinction--as regards book care--between hardcovers and paperbacks? I like paperbacks mainly because they are cheaper.

9. And, to recap? Naturally, you love all of your books, but how, exactly? Are your books loved in the battered way of a well-loved teddy bear, or like a cherished photo album or item of clothing that's used, appreciated, but carefully cared for? No I think my books are part of my clutter. Yes, I said clutter. I bought them with intention to read them but, of course, when do I have the time to read? Hardly ever! I really need to read and let go. It literally takes me months to read a book.

10. Any additional comments? When I had time to read way back when I was working in New York City and had to commute by train to work my favorite authors were: Danielle Steele, John Grisham, LaVyrle Spencer, Dean Koonz and VC Andrews.

Did I mention I like Nora Roberts? Check out all the books I have of hers yet I haven't yet read.

100 Things About Me!

Amy at The Creative Mom Podcast wanted her listeners to do a 100 Things list so here are mine in no particular order:

100 Things About Me

1. My name is Laura.
2. I am a wife.
3. I am a mother.
4. I am a daughter.
5. I am a sister.
6. I am a granddaughter.
7. I am a mother of multiples.
8. I have been a scrapbooker for over 10 years now.
9. I am a photographer.
10. I am a digital scrapbooker.
11. I have two daughers and one son.
12. I love diet coke.
13. I am 37 years old.
14. My birthday is February 13.
15. I have two cats (Diamonds and Rocky).
16. I belong to many e-mail lists.
17. I love to journal.
18. I update 2 blogs. One of my children and one for me personal.
19. My favorite vacations are cruises.
20. I do not drink yet lately am considering starting.
21. I am a Stay at Home Mom.
22. I keep track of the family bills.
23. I used to like to get mail but now I dread it because of all the unexpected bills.
24. I will be volunteering at my children's preschool in Sept.
25. My favorite movies are Beaches and Phatham of the Opera.
26. My favorite food is any type of pasta.
27. I know how to quilt.
28. I know how to knit.
29. I know how to crochet.
30. I watch Days of Our Lives daily for years now.
31. I also like to watch Desperate Housewives and ER.
32. Nicholas Cage is my favorite actor.
33. Jennifer Anison is my favorite actress.
34. I also like Adam Sandler.
35. I watch movies quite often as I'm a member of Netflix.
36. Tivo rocks! I love to fast forward commercials on all my shows and watch when I want to watch not when it's time to show it.
37. I need to declutter so has been on my mind a lot lately.
38. I don't smoke.
39. I like all types of music.
40. I have insomnia and stay up late trying to get some me time.
41. I am on the creative team for Bonnie Van Esch.
42. I am orginally from Staten Island, NY.
43. I love my laptop.
44. I love adobe photoshop elements 4.0
45. My children are driving me crazy.
46. We are in the middle of potty training.
47. They are in their terrible two stage.
48. I belong to the MOMs club.
49. I belong to MOPs.
50. I am shy if you don't know me.
51. I have a very bad memory.
52. I have been married almost 12 years.
53. My very first boyfriend was killed in a car accident.
54. My childhood friend died from cancer.
55. I married my highschool sweetheart.
56. I converted to Judaism.
57. I immersed in a mikveh.
58. I was told I'd never be able to have children.
59. I had one pregnancy.
60. I listen to Creative Mom Podcast.
61. I am a Stampin' Up Demonstator.
62. I like the fall.
63. I hate winter.
64. Winter depresses me.
65. I hate the cold.
66. I like a cup of coffee to start my day.
67. I enjoy a shower before the kids get up.
68. I hate to plan dinners (I struggle every day with the question, "What's for dinner?"
69. I hate to clean.
70. I follow a schedule every day.
71. I have one sister.
72. I have 2 nieces and one nephew.
73. I have patience (so my friends tell me), however, my patience has been run thin lately.
74. I feel very lonely since my husband works 24/7.
75. Did I mention that I raise triplets (2 1/2 year olds) alone?
76. I love junk food - mostly salty stuff like potato chips or cheese doodles.
77. I also love brownies but it has to have nuts in it and it has to taste like fudge. I hate cake like brownies.
78. I just started to write morning pages which consist of 3 pages each day in my journal.
79. I'm currently reading Artist Way and following her program with other members at DSP.
80. I used to work in the accounts payable.
81. I can type over 80 words a minute. I don't know if it is now faster or not as I type every day doing e-mails and journaling.
82. My favorite author is Danielle Steele and VC Andrews.
83. I used to be able to have time to read but not now that I have the triplets.
84. My favorite colors are purple and green.
85. I don't wear makeup.
86. I like to wear sweats and feel comfortable.
87. I hate thongs.
88. I don't wear that much jewelry. I have on my wedding ring, stud earrings and my watch.
89. I participate in lots of scrapbooking challenges.
90. I completed 400 scrapbook pages last year.
91. My goal is to complete more this year.
92. I stay up late to get things done.
93. I love my new camera (Sony Cyber-Shot)
94. My bestfriend (Debbie) I met in kindergarden.
95. I like to rubber stamp.
96. I hate to be the center of attention.
97. I look forward to Meg's blogger prompts.
98. I am scrapbooking for the MOMs club.
99. I am afaid of heights.
100. Also afraid of bugs.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Colors in a Box

1. If you were a crayon, which color would you want to be? I guess I would like to be the color purple. Maybe because it's my favorite color and my birthstone color.

Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good color to use in meditation.

Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple. Purple is the color most favored by artists.

2. Which color do you think you would be regardless of what you wanted? Orange
Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. I am very thoughtful and have a lot of creativity in my life so I think Orange would be more my color even though I wouldn't pick orange as my favorite color.

3. Would you rather be used and get blunt, broken and lose your wrapper, or not be used and stay pristine? I would rather be used then not being used at all. Unfortunately, my children love to take the wrappers off which drives me crazy so no I would not want my wrapper off and I would not like to be broken.

4. Would you rather be in a small set of crayons or a large set? I would rather be in a small set of crayons so I would be used more often then the others. If I was in a larger set then I probably wouldn't be used as much as the other colors would take over. I guess I like to be unnoticed. Yeah, try doing that as a triplet mom! I hate being the center of attention. It's the worst feeling when you are out in public and people are staring at you because you have 3 children the same age. It's like I have 3 heads or something. Opps got off track there sorry I guess this really bothers me.

5. Would you rather be Crayola, or a different brand? I'd much rather be a crayola. I have found that the other brands just do not color nicely. I guess I am a perfectionist and I much rather do it right the first time then have to redo something.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 Other Lives

If you had 5 other lives to lead, what would you do in them?

1. A teacher. I've always wanted to be a teacher but, of course, didn't want to attend school for many years. Turned out I wound up going to school for 5 years in a different field which I never used. If I could do it all over again I'd definately go to college and not a trade school.

2. A Professional Photographer. I love to take photos. I even took a class in college on photography that I received an A in right before the triplets were born. I just wish the settings on the camera were a bit more easier to use. I got so confused on that aspect of the class.

3. A mother of a Singleton. Some days I dream of how a mother of singleton would handle a situation. I will never have that feeling that one on one feeling with my children. That singleton mother can give all their attention to that one child meanwhile I'm faced with dealing with 3 wanting children for attention and lots of fighting to get that. It's a challenge every day to try to give each child the love they deserve equally.

4. A Traveler. I would love to be able to just get up and go wherever I want without worrying about children or husband. I would like to visit every state and even travel to Europe and Australia.

5. Lottery Winner. Oh, it would be so nice to be a lottery winner. Not a scratch off lottery winner but a mega millions one. It would be nice to have that money to pay off the credit debt we have and not have to live pay check to pay check. We'd be able to afford a cleaning lady and a nanny so I could have some help with the children. But you always have to be in it to win it so this will never happen as we don't play.

Let's Get Personal!

Personal Hygiene

1. How often do you typically shower/bath? I shower almost every day well not today as today was pj day. Every day I try to get up earlier then the kids to do so or on occasion I will have Justin play in the bathtub while I shower. The girls are sleeping yet my son tends to get up earlier.

2. Do you prefer showering or taking a bath? I prefer to shower. I have a big tub in my bathroom but never use it. For one thing, there is no jets in it. It's just a tub and I hate to sit in dirty water. I know it probably would be relaxing but for me I have to do 2 things at once so sitting in the tub I wouldn't be able to use my computer or fold laundry or talk on the phone or or or! I could read but that's about it! I wouldn't get anything done.

3. What's the longest you've ever gone w/o a shower/bath? Probably 2 days. Yikes! By the 2nd day I feel so gross that I have to take a shower. I've been lapsing on my hair lately though. Since it is very cold outside I don't want to go around with my hair wet so sometimes I will just take a shower without washing my hair. I was finding that if I wash my hair every day it tends to build up and looks greasy especially if I condition it often. In the summer time I would just pin my hair up and let it air dry but now that it's cold it has to be blow dried and some days I just don't have the time to blow it dry so that's another reason I sometimes don't wash it every day.

4. What's your favorite personal hygiene product? Well, I use Caress bar soap only because I have found that I'm not allergic to it. I tried some other soaps and I wind up breaking out in hives so since Caress doesn't make me break out I just stay with that.

5. Do you shave your legs? If so how often? Yes, I shave my entire leg. Sometimes I will shave just the bottom part of my leg but in the summertime the entire leg is done. How often? I think at least once a week or when I see stubbles building up. I don't know how anyone can get their legs waxed. I dread getting my eyebrows done because of the pain. I could not imagine how much pain it would be to get your legs done or your bikini area. YIKES that must hurt big time! Hey, anyone ever remember the episode of Friends where Joey gets his eyebrows done and he only gets the one done because of the pain. Sorry had to throw that in as this just reminded me of that.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wanted but some NEEDED

10 things you want, but don't need.

1. A decluttered house. I am sick and tired of all this clutter. Every time I turn around there are toys all over the floor scattered throughout my house. I am so tempted to toss everything in the trash.

2. A warmer place to live. I am tired of the winter. It's too cold outside and the ground is covered with snow which has turned to ice. The kids are getting cabin fever. We so need to get outside to let them run around. They are driving me crazy!

3. A cook. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone prepare all your meals for you. I so hate planning meals and always find myself at the last minute saying what in the world are we going to have. I then try to take out the numerous recipes and try to find something to make and I'm always missing an ingredient or two.

4. Canon Digital Rebel camera. I know I just got a Sony digital camera but I so wanted the Canon Rebel one. The price is still too high. Maybe once the kids are older I can get it and won't worry about it breaking from their little hands grabbing at it.

5. Children that could fend for themselves! I know I shouldn't be wishing this but at this point with the potty training it seems that I spend most of my day in the bathroom and my blood preasure is rising so high from them playing in the toilet and or running the water and making floods that I just have had it. Wish they'd just listen and not make messes all the time.

6. Lower property tax. Sorry I just had to throw that one in. It's needed unfortunately as we pay very high taxes for this house. I even considered moving yet my husband says we won't get another house like ours elsewhere so we just are stuck paying the taxes. It would be better if my kids were in school because like 80% of the taxes goes to the school but right now since we don't have any children in school we feel like we are throwing our money away.

7. Me time. This again I think is necessary for me to remain sane. I so wish I could sleep and not have to get up for the children. If only I could sleep! Yes, I take naps but hey that's only for an hour or so each day and I'm not sleeping for very long at night either.

8. Dreams not regarding potty training! Yes, I'm dreaming about potty training. Poop! Really gross. I'd much rather dream of other things but since my days now mainly consist of pee and poop my dreams are falling into that category too! I guess it comes with the job of being a mom.

9. Love from husband. Unfortunately this one is another need at the moment. DH hasn't been very friendly or helpful. We have grown very apart lately and I so wish for the closeness again.

10. A lap top that has longer battery life then 3 hours! Yes I love my laptop but I usually remain plugged in as I hate unplugging as I'm afraid I'll lose all my work due to lack of battery time.

4 Things....

4 jobs you've had in your life: Ice Cream Server, Bookkeeper, Legal Secretary, Accounts Payable

4 movies you could watch over & over: I watch a ton of movies as we belong to netflix but there are only a few which I could watch over and over again. Grease, Phantam of the Opera, Beaches and I love all the movies with Adam Sandler he makes me laugh so much.

4 places you have lived: I have only lived in 2 states New York and New Jersey

4 TV shows you love to watch: Days of Our Lives, Desparate Housewives, Nip Tuck and ER

4 places you've been on vacation: California, Las Vegas, Florida and Bermuda

4 websites you visit daily: (for my e-mail),, and

4 of your favorite foods: pasta, vanilla ice cream, junk food - mostly salty stuff like potato chips but occasionally I crave sugar and when I do it has to be the really fudgy brownies. I don't like cake like brownies I love it to be like fudge.

4 places you'd rather be right now: I'd much rather be anywhere then where I am now as the sounds I hear are screaming from my kids fighting. Calgon take me away!

4 tags: YOU'RE IT!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Day from Hubby

Here is what my husband got me for Valentine's day this year. The journaling is from the card that he gave me:

To my Sexy Wife - Recipes of Love
Another Valentine's Day Together, and we're still cookin!

A Sizzlin' Romance
2 c. sweet love
1 c. spicy hot passion
1/2 c. zesty humor
sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)
a pinch mild conflict

Heat till steamy! Top with dash of flirtation and serve hot!

Essence of Love by Lauren Bavin
Fonts: DSP Cybergram, CK Calligraphy

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shine Your Sink?

For a while I have been having a problem with keeping my house clean and from time to time I will follow the advice of flylady. But, of course, I always get sidetracked and never follow through. At Digitalscrapbookplace they are having a challenge where you are to shine your sink and make a layout about it. Here is what I came up with for my page. This particular day Victoria was in the tub early morning before breakfast where she was covered in pee from taking off her diaper the night before. After her bath the sink was then filled with stuff from my husband who brought up stuff from the night before from his office. Then I'd wash that and turn around to change a diaper and come back again to the sink full of dishes. There are days that I get so fed up with all the putting into the dishwasher that I just let it build up till the end of the day. This is a never ending battle in our house along with the laundry. Will it ever end?

BronwenvanEsch_Lavendar Ladies -kits only sold through South Africa digital shops
Jacquelynn Page kit by Lisa Carter
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif

Once in a Life Time

List all of the things that have happened to you only once in your entire life. My list is not in any particular order.

  • Bridal Shower
  • Big Wedding/Married
  • One pregnancy
  • One Baby Shower
  • One c-section
  • Purchased a house
  • Nose Surgery
  • One Speeding Ticket
  • Traveled to California
  • Traveled to Las Vegas
  • Convert to Judaism
  • Immersion in a mikveh
  • Graduated High School
  • Attended my first boyfriends funeral
  • Been chosen for a Creative Team

Prize Qualities

List the qualities you prize in yourself. Is there one quality that you consider essential to your sense of your self?

1. Creative
2. Loyal
3. Honest
4. Loving
5. Hardworking
6. Busy
7. Organized
8. Faithful

Well, the one quality which I listed as number 1 would be my creativity is definately essential to my sanity. It's the only thing that really keeps me going day after day. My days are crazy with three terrible two toddlers that occupy my days and I tell you the only thing that I really look forward to lately is doing creative things in my ME time at night after the kids are in sleep. As I mentioned in previous posts its my form of therapy that keeps me going day after day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I've Been Chosen

I've been chosen for Bonnie's Creative Team to design layouts using her kits. Here is my first layout for this month. I have to design 4 layouts a month. Her kits will be only available to be purchased in South Africa at the moment. The link to her blog is in my link section to the right.

This is a photo of my niece back in 2003.

BronwenvanEsch_Happy Faces
CShibley_ScrappinSecrets Welcome Kit_brad
Font: Futura Md Bt

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Triplets - Poem Written by My Grandma

My grandmother wrote this poem and mailed it to me for my birthday. It reads:

God gave me a letter for Laura. He gave it to me because I adore her. She was baron like Abraham’s wife. She wanted children in her life. God said, “I will spend more time with her.” I will see if I can make this occur. Here is what he writes to her. “Laura I hear your plea. I will see. I will spend more time with thee. I plan on sending three.” That’s how the triplets came to be. God sent them. Don’t you see.

Written by:
Grandma Ethel

Scrapbook Credits:
Angie Briggs Floral Paper
As Time Goes by Meryl Bartho
Blossom Bower by Meryl Bartho
Annika's Dress by Samara Gugler
Font: DSP Grandmom's...

Valentine's Day

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? (Or do you?) DH and I just exchange cards. I also get a box of candy which my husband always shares with me. One year he got me gadiva chocolate which was the worst chocolate I have ever tasted. It was not worth the $100 which he spent on it. I like the kind that have caramel and nuts not those fruity filled type ones yuck. We never go out on that day since both me and my husband hate crowds and why pay the extra money on a meal for that one day. Since my birthday is the day before we tend to go out the weekend before.

This year the children will get a little box of chocolate covered raisins. They love raisins so this will be a treat for them. I didn't want to get them real candy since they only have been getting M&M's just recently for potty training and stuffed animals they just have way too many. The children did get 2 cards in the mail this year. One was from their Grandma and one was from their Great Grandpa. They were really excited to get mail even though they can't yet read the cards and the envelopes they just liked to tear into many pieces creating a mess like they always do.

Another Birthday Card

Wow, this digital scrapbooking is way cool. I received another birthday card from another sight which I also participate at. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Things!

List five things you’d like to change about yourself.
1. Bigger breasts. I guess being small I should be happy about because they just don't sag when I get older but, hey, being an A cup really stinks! I have no cleavage and I always have to wear a padded bra and certain shirts just don't look right on me. Not to mention swim suits. Now don't get me started there!
2. More patience with the children. Lately I've been losing my patience with them and having mini tantrums and cursing episodes. Plus, my heartrate has been going extremely fast when my temper flairs. I need to sit and relax more often and enjoy them even if they do get on my nerves.
3. Ability to sleep better. If only I could go to bed at a decent hour and actually sleep. Most nights I just toss and turn so I wind up staying up late trying to get things done that I can't do while the children are awake such as my scrapbooking and checking e-mails. If only there were more time in a day.
4. Shopping habits. Wish I didn't want everything I see. I do use coupons and look for savings when I do search for something to purchase but why in the world if I go to a store and have a list why add more and more things to the cart. If only I could go in and out and only get the items on that list.
5. My weight. I would like to lose weight a bit. Okay, mom stop laughing here. I am at my before birth weight but why am I in a size 8 now when before I was in a size 4? It's like all this weight shifted to my hips! I guess I should be flattered as my husband thought I was a size 2 today! When I told him no, honey that was when I met you. I'm now an 8 after the kids were born. Most of my cloths in my closet just do not fit.

Then list five things you wouldn’t change.
1. My creativity. I am glad that I have creativity and I can create digital scrapbook pages for my children and their children to see when I am gone. I can leave them all my thoughts and document all their activities for when they get older to see.
2. My blue eyes. I inherited this from my dad. My son also has my blue eyes too.
3. My faith in God. I do wish I could attend services more though but now that I have the children it's literally impossible to attend. I do need to start praying with the children and get them to learn the prayers too. I'm sure they will learn a lot once they start preschool in Sept.
4. My love for my children. Even though at times they make me crazy I couldn't love them any less or more than I do today. They are all a blessing.
5. My organization skills. I like to be organized. If things are not organized it would drive me crazy. Especially having a schedule to follow day after day. You really need to be on a schedule when you are raising multiples. It's the only way to survive day after day! Yes guys, my kids are in bed by 7 pm every night and they all eat and sleep at the same time every day.

I feel so special

The website where I frequent all the time just sent me a birthday card and a gift cert to their store. It's my lucky day.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Write about why you like (or don’t like) Mondays. Normally I lose track of what day it is as my days are the same - day after day - unless I have something planned! Mondays are so much better than Sat or Sun though since my soap opera airs on Monday. Saturday and Sunday it does not. Monday's I used to hate because that day was when the kids had speech and I couldn't go anywhere! Now that they no longer have speech Mondays are like any other day.

It's My Birthday Tomorrow

I can't believe I will be 37 tomorrow. Time sure has gone by quickly. Do I feel 37? Well, yes! I feel a lot older. I have lots of aches and pains every day. The triplets are getting heavier and heavier as the days go by and I am finding it so hard to lift them at times. I was feeling a bit down lately and all alone since my DH has been working long long hours which leaves me dealing with the kids day after day by myself. I thought my husband had forgotten my birthday yet this morning he served me breakfast while I was in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day. Then he asked his parents to come by to watch the kids so he could take me out for dinner. So I had a wonderful evening.

But the most exciting thing of the day is when I was checking my e-mails which I do every night before heading to bed and in my inbox was a gift certificate to a spa. I almost deleted the e-mail since I didn't order any spa stuff but clicked on it to read it anyway. My triplet mom friends from the yahoogroups I belong to that have triplets the same age as mine had chipped in to send me to a spa for the day. I am still in tears that they thought of me on my special day. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for making me feel special. You all are the best and I hope one day I will be able to meet you guys. They are planning a get together in the fall and I sure hope I am able to get away and attend as I so need a break.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kid's Funny Sayings

Funny things that come out of the mouths of the kids in your life! Well, my triplets are starting to repeat things. I from time to time will say, "Tori, you are a pain in the ass." Well, Tori actually said this back to me. So I changed it to pain in the butt. So if she is nagging me or whatever she will say, "You're a pain in the butt!"

They watch Dora the Explora and when my Aunt Lynn came to visit who lives in Florida we asked them where she lives and they would say, "On the Map!" The whole family got a kick out of that one.

Growing up

What adages, mottoes, or phrases of advice were common in your family when you were growing up? (e.g., "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." "No use crying over spilled milk." "Do what I say, not what I do.") Write about a specific incident when the phrase was used. Do those words still have any power over you?

Man I can't remember what I did yesterday or what day of the week it is and here they are trying to ask me to remember my childhood. I can't remember any phrases of advice but I do remember the wooden spoon. There was one time I did something bad (yet don't remember what) but I would hide under my bed so not to get spanked by that wooden spoon. The spoon was used by my mother. Yes, I have taken out the wooden spoon with my children on occasion I guess it's the only thing I remember that worked when I was little. I do try not to use it though on my kids because I know that I didn't like it when I was little and always said I wouldn't use it when I had children.

Worst Meal

What was the worst meal you ever had? Describe it in detail! Make us taste it! I like to try new things so I try to make new recipes all the time. Of course, there is always a 50/50 chance the meal will come out good. My main problem is that I was misplacing the recipes after I made them so now I have a 3 ring notebook where I put the recipes in there if it is a good recipe to make again. Now, what was the worst recipe I ever made? Sorry can't think as it's 1:30 am and the recipes that I don't like I now throw in the recycling with all the other junk mail I receive.

Furry Valentine

su little lamb, Ennobled Pet

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Arts and Crafts

The first thing I made that I considered art was . . Let's just say that I have lost my memory when the triplets were born. I thought all day about this prompt. The earliest memory that I do remember is when my mom signed me up for drawing lessons. I was maybe a teenager or maybe it was even earlier maybe 10 years old or so. The funny thing is I can't remember what I drew. I know I drew something on a big canvas by looking at something. Was it fruit? Or was it like a sesame street character? Mom do you remember? Of course, there is no physical canvas left from those days.

I have always been crafy though. I would make Christmas ornaments for the tree all the time. I think that's why I enjoyed girl scouts so much because there was always some type of arts and crafts at every meeting. I also learned how to crochet at a very early age but, of course, I didn't continue doing it for very long. It is too monotonous. I like things that change and get a fast accomplishing result otherwise I get bored.

When I got married in 1995 I learned how to quilt. Even at that time my husband was a workaholic and I had to find a hobby to occupy myself. So I took quilting lessons. I did quilting for a while until I was introduced to scrapbooking through a creative memories consultant back in 1997. When growing up you would always see me with a camera and I liked the finished quick product of scrapbooking. So quilting went on the back burner and scrapbooking took over my every spare moment. I even took a photography class in college before the children were born. In 2004 I learned how to knit. That too didn't last. It's a bit boring. I also started to do rubber stamping again. I became a Stampin' Up demonstrator back in 2005 and still continue to make my own cards. However, now a days my obsession is digital scrapbooking. So through the years I tend to jump from one craft to another.

Monday, February 05, 2007

S is for Sisters

Here's another page for my abc album Find out just what makes me me

Sisters share their inner souls
Secrets, hopes, sorrow, goals.
Though time passes with joy or tears
A sister's love will last the years.

A new day freebie by Beth Nixon
Virginia plain tag alpha by Lauren Bavin
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My life is happy because...

When I first read this topic for today's blog I couldn't think of anything that I was happy about. Lately I just have been feeling very sad and lonely. Day after day I struggle to make it to bedtime and then the day starts over again. So today I let the day go by as it usually does and as I lay in my bed with my laptop upon my lap after the kids went to bed I think of all the moments that made me happy today.

It makes me happy when my son comes and wakes me up in the morning. He greets me with a big hello and a hug and kiss even though it upsets me to be waken up so early. He learned how to escape the child proof doorknob locks that is placed in his bedroom. At first he was taking the knobs off the door but now he learned how to squeeze it to open the door. He then plays in an empty tub with the tub toys while mommy manages to take a shower playing the game of "Can you find me something Yellow or Green or Blue?" It's nice to have this one on one time with my son.

We went to a sing, sway and play time at the library today and it was fun to participate with my children. Today the theme was horses and so we did a whole bunch of songs and play activities while pretending to be a horse. The kids really enjoyed running around the room with a broom stick type horse and playing the guitar. At one point the lights were dimmed to represent night time and they all were laying on the floor under the covers and when they started to sing the song, "Good night" Tori started to cry and jumped into my arms where I cradled her while they sang the song. It was nice to be able to spend that brief 3 minutes or so with her alone.

Naomi and I had a bit of a struggle today. She can be very noisy and have tantrums when she doesn't get her way so we didn't quite bond today like I did with the other two. However, the time that did make me happy was when she met a little boy at the library. While I was checking out my books she was just playing with the little boy and then her face lit up and she gave the little boy a kiss. It was so cute. She also kisses and hugs her brother. This makes me happy that she can be loving.

Another thing that makes me happy is the 5-10 minutes that my husband came into the girls room during story time while I made Victoria's bed up for the night he sat with all 3 reading a book to them. It's not very often he gets to spend time with them but this was very touching to see them bonding.

R is for Rocky

Here's another for my abc album find out just what makes me me!

wildflower whimsy by Beth Nixon
Ennobled Pet, GoodDog Plain

Sunday, February 04, 2007

T is for Triplets

Another page for my abc find out what makes me me album.

Together forever Wordart by Tina Chambers
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This is my fortune I got in my fortune cookie at dinner tonight and wanted to share it.

A is for Aquarius

This is another page for my abc find out just what makes me me! Doing double duty for the fill the shaker challenge located here.

Your sign, dear Aquarius, is the eleventh of the zodiac and is considered to be the sign of perspective, the future, and new projects. The water bearer symbolizes intellectual development through communication and innovation. Of all signs, you are the most idealistic and humanitarian, with a strong sense of community and fraternity.

you are accepting and sympathetic to many points of view, and are equipped to understand each of them. This wide sphere of understanding causes you to be idiosyncratic. You are an unusually independent and wildly unique individual with a profound spiritual bent. Your intuition, loyalty, and resourcefulness make you a fun person to be around.

the most pronounced one being that you can be erratic in your actions. At times, you can be scattered and unrealistic, and confuse your own will with the greater will. Sometimes you can also be detached so that others see you as cold and inaccessible.

Shaker Boxes by Elizabeth Weaver
Happy Haunting by Jamie Rousselle
Zodiac Coins by Jamie Rousselle
Birthstone Charms
by Jamie Rousselle

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Morning Pages

I started writing morning pages. What are morning pages? They are three pages written in longhand each morning. They are just a stream of conciousness. They can be whiney, gripey, or whatever comes. Morning Pages are not to be shared, they're just there for us.

To get a better feel for this - read any of the excerpts on Amazon with The Artist's Way - most contain info on the Morning Pages - one in particualr that's good is The Artist's Way Journal - click on the picture of the book to get to the excerpt:

I haven't written in my journal since 2002. I used to write from time to time not very consistent but occasionally I would write. While looking through my journal I came across this saying that I had put in there back in 1999. Just wanted to share what it says:

Is it time?
A child sat on Jesus' lap in the splendor of heaven. The child asked "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "No, not yet child." The child asked "When will it be time?" Jesus replied "when lessons are learned, hardships endured and loneliness lived, then it will be time." Time passes. The child asked "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "No, not yet child." The child asked "When will it be time?" Jesus replied, "When maturity is reached, self-worth affirmed and spirits stregthened, then it will be time." Time passed. The child asked "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds looked and said, "Their love is strong and their hearts are open, Yes, now it is time, Your parents are ready"

We finally had our triplets in 2004.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

You Are Oscar the Grouch

Grumpy and grouchy, you aren't just pessimistic. You revel in your pessimism.

You are usually feeling: Unhappy. Unless it's rainy outside, and even then you know the foul weather won't last.

You are famous for: Being mean yet loveable. And you hate the loveable part.

How you life your life: As a slob. But it's not repelling as many people as you'd like!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Groundhog Day is a traditional festival celebrated in the United States and Canada on February 2. It is a cross-quarter day, midway between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox.

In traditional weather lore, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and fails to see its shadow because the weather is cloudy, winter will soon end. If the groundhog sees its shadow because the weather is bright and clear, it will be frightened and run back into its hole, and the winter will continue for six more weeks. [from Wikipedia]

Are you looking forward to a change in season or are you enjoying it as it is? Let's talk about the weather! The weather here goes up and down but mainly in the 30's now. We had one day of snow so far. We stay in the house because it is cold so I am looking forward to the spring warmer weather. I just hate getting the kids all dressed up in hats, gloves, coats just to go somewhere for a short period of time, like when it snows. It takes me about 45 minutes to get them dressed and ready to go outside for 15 minutes. Is it worth it. No. So I stay inside and get cabin fever. Can't wait till spring.

Lucky Friend

Here's the digital kit I made for the month of Feb.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Technological Discoveries

What technological discoveries are bridging the gap between generations in your family? Are you teaching your parents or are your kids teaching you?

We have tivo, however, both my parents and in-laws do not. They feel it is too difficult to program and watch. My husband has to help his parents with their computers and cell phone programming and next week they need help with garage door programming because they just purchased a new house and new car. Unfortunately, my children are way too young to teach them anything at this moment in time. I'm sure in the future my children will be teaching us stuff too.