Friday, March 09, 2007

Questions Not to Ask Mother of Triplets

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Top 5 Triplet Questions
1. Did you know you were having that many?
A - Yes, we learned from ultrasound very early
B - It was a complete surprise
C - We think they gave us a couple extra at the hospital.

2. Were you using fertility drugs?
A - yes. Are you having similar problems?
B - Nope. There times in one night! Yee-Haw!!!!
C - Don't you think that's an awfully personal question?

3. How do you handle three at once?
A - One diaper at a time
B - One college account at a time
C - Who said we are handling it?

4. What are their names?
A - ______, _______ and _____.
B - ______, _______ and _____.
C - You, Hey You, and You over there.

5. Do you have help?
A - Yes, from our church.
B - Yes, from our family.
C - Currently accepting applications.

"You do have help don't you?"
People must either assume:
A - We are made of money because we have triplets
B - I can't handle them myself (or must not think I am doing a good job)
C - Raising triplets is a piece of cake if you do have help. (LOL)

It has just really been bugging me how people who don't have multiples assume that you
must have Help. Worse is the inferrence that people who do have help are in some way
inferior to those of us who are forced to "go it alone".

I just have to say Help or No Help. Kudos to all Moms of Multiples who find a way to raise
happy kids and who survive each day one day at a time. I'm living proof that you can do it alone!

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loonyhiker said...

I made my hubby stop watching TV (miracle!) to hear this entry. We couldn't stop laughing! It's amazing some of the stupid stuff people say!