Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Kit - Handmade Cheer by Bonnie

Check out the new kit that Bonnie has out for sale. You can purchase it here

Here are 3 layouts that I made using her new kit

Monday, May 21, 2007

5 Annoying Things

Blog Prompt: List the 5 things that annoy you the most. If you are like me, this can change from day to day, but tell me the recent annoyances that have just gotten on your nerves.

1. The toys being scattered all over the house but mainly in the kitchen. I pick up and then 5 minutes later new toys are scattered across my kitchen floor. It annoys me to death. Why can't they keep their toys in one room.

2. When you invite people to a party and they don't RSVP at all or show up without responding to the invite.

3. When I am out in public and I get stopped to be asked silly questions about the triplets. I would just like to be able to go to a store without being stopped with questions. The main goal is to go in and out without having them have a tantrum and the longer I get stopped the less time I have to get things done without a meltdown.

4. Commericals. I so do not like to watch live tv unless it's on tivo so I can fast forward the commercials.

5. Lately the most annoying thing is my internet. It has been so slow lately. Some days I have to keep hitting refresh before it gets fast. I so hate when the internet is slow because I like to check my e-mails quickly so I have more time to do other things like digital scrapbook, blog, or searching.

No-Period- Pill

I just was listening to the news and the FDA is going to approve a new birth control that elminates periods. YIPPEEE!!!!! You can read more about this here.

This is very new and hasn't been tested long but I tell you I definately will request this the next time I go for my doctors visit. Could this be too good to be true? After reading the article I have my doubts since it said something like 18% had spotting which was unscheduled. Who wants that? Anyway, I did think it was a great idea and much cheaper then surgery.

No Money Needed?

Blog Prompt: Tell about something you do for entertainment that doesn't cost any money.

I could digital scrapbook for no money if I could just stick with the freebies and there are millions of freebies on line. Stay away from dsp (Digitalscrapbookplace.com). I just love their kits and challenges so I tend to buy there at least weekly. I do need to slow down a bit because of our financial situation so now I'm going to look and just make up wishlists and when our finances get better I'll purchase more.

Man, everything costs money. We do watch movies a lot that we rent from netflix but that's a monthly fee. We do take movies out from the library for free but they are mainly kiddie movies for the kids because the library doesn't have newly released movies unless you are on a waiting list and you could get the movie months from now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Least Important

Blog Prompt: Which is least important to you--money, power, fame--and why?

I would say FAME is least important to me. I guess because I am a triplet mom and I so hate the attention I receive when I am out. It's always like I'm a circus when I am out with my children and I so do not like the attention. It would be nice to go out and not have any questions asked, "Are they real?", "Are they Triplets", "Did you go through fertility?" the list goes on and on! Try going to a store for a brief moment with the kids without getting comments or stopped for questions. It never happens. I'm hoping as they get older the questions will stop and I can go on with my life unnoticed. I would hate to be a celebrity I don't know how they deal with all those photographers following them around.

Selling Stampin Up and Digital Kits

Sorry I've been missing in action. We are struggling financially and I have decided to sell my retired stampin up sets so I can purchase new ones when the new catalog comes out in July. Also it's come to the point where I have to go back to work but first I wanted to see if I could sell some of my digital kits and yes, I sold 2 of them on ebay. If you would like to see my stamp sets and digital kits go to ebay and look up diamondsquilts as the seller but hurry as they are ending today and tomorrow. Happy shopping.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Digital Kit I Made

Here's another kit I stayed up late to make. It is for SNL. The theme for May is Graduation/Mother's Day. If you would like to know more about SNL go here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Passed 200 pages for 2007

I am at a total of 204 pages done for the year 2007. Goal is 400 for the year. Want to beat last years total. I'm half way there.


Blog Prompt: Where would you prefer to be right now--mountains, desert, beach--and why?

Well, at this very moment I am sitting on my bed still in my pjs and blogging, so where would I like to be? All those places mentioned don't have outlets for my laptop to plug into unless you mean a hotel in those type areas. I'd like to be at a beach like resort with no children. Just a day to myself relaxing in the sun but hey, it has to be a nice spring day. Not too hot. Not like we have been having. The humidity is awful. I can't sit outside for 5 minutes without sweeting my butt off. That's not comforting at all. So no humidity. 70's would be nice but really I'd rather be at a resort that had a pool. I'm really not a beach person as I hate the sand. Hate to walk on it. Hate to get it wedged inside my bathing suit. YUCK! I'd much rather just relax at a pool that is clean, of course. Well, off to take a shower and really start my day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Almost Lost My Victoria

Today it was nice outside. I decided to let them play in the driveway. We were doing great. First we just used chalk and drew on the drive way. Then they wanted to take their bikes out. The coup type car where you use your feet to get around sort of like the flintstones. I had only one car but this past weekend I was able to get a firetruck where one kid sits on the back and the other uses his feet to move around. All was great they were having a blast. Now, mind you my drive way is very big and slops and I have a pretty busy street.

In a split second Victoria was in the coup car and she started to move fast down the driveway. Here I am screaming and running after her only I was not fast enough. She too got scared and she was screaming too as I was screaming on the top of my lungs THE STREET THE STREET STOP STOP STOP VICTORIA VICTORIA. By the time I reached her she had already went into the street and crossed it hitting the other side of the curb. I'm still shaking from this. No there were no cars coming but just the thought. We could have both been killed. I was not fast enough to catch her. I must have pulled something in my leg too because now my legs are hurting.

When I reached her car and pulled her out of it she was hystically crying and I was so shaken that I couldn't stop hugging her and kissing her and telling her to never scare mommy like that again. I'm still upset. We are never going in the driveway again. It was so scarey.

Me - Mom

This page was done for a contest at Treasurestoscrap.com. I made this page for my children's album.

Scrapbook Challenge

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ghosts and Safety

Blog Prompt: What do you think about ghosts?

I certainly don't believe in ghosts but there are times when I thought I put something somewhere and I come back in the room and it's in another place. It could be just mommy brain though as I have been forgetting a lot of things lately. I don't like to watch horror movies because it gives me nightmares.

Blog Prompt: What makes you feel safe?

There are lots of times that I get afraid especially out in public with the triplets. I am always looking around me and making sure there are no strange people following us around. When we get in the car I get the kids in and shut the door behind me I guess I'm paranoid that someone is going to grab one of the kids or me. It's a scarey world we live in. Better to be safe then sorry.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Pg 1 Digital Circle Journal

Here's my page 1 to the digital circle journal. My theme was recipes.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cartoon Characters

Blog Prompt: Who are your 5 Favorite Comic/Cartoon characters?

Well, I don't read any comic books so I will go with cartoon characters.

1. My all time favorite cartoon character would be SNOOPY. The main reason is because when I was dating my husband I knicknamed him Snoopy because one day he had these pants on that were so droopy and I just started to call him Snoopy. Man, it's been years since I have called him that. Thanks for bringing up a nice memory.

2. My 2nd favorite would be Garfield. I guess because he is a cat. I just love cats. He's quite funny too.

3. Ziggy. I always loved that little fellow. I used to collect stickers and stationary when I was younger. He has the greatest quotes. Here's one which I just found on google. Really makes you want to stop and smell the roses.

4. Man it's been years since I have read the comics in the newspaper but I do remember reading "Family Circus" often when I was younger. Okay, I'm now racking my brain here. What else did I like?

5. Marmaduke. That's another one which I used to read in the newspaper when I had time to read them. Now, who has time to read the newspaper or read anything for that matter?

Digital Circle Journal - Recipe Rules

I joined a Digital Circle Journal. The theme I chose for my album was family recipes. This is page 1 of my album.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Top 5 Occupations

Blog Prompt: You have been appointed the head of the Department of Labor and plan to set salaries according to how important an occupation is. What do you think are the top 5 most important occupations?

1. Garbage Man - I really feel sorry for the garbage man. He has to work no matter what the weather is and he picks up some disgusting things day after day. Luckily he has the weekends off. The new thing in our area is that we don't have to sort our recycleables. So the junk mail, bottles, cans all get dumped into one container. Imagine having that job to sort all that stuff. The homeowner used to sort it for them but now some unlucky person has to do it. And not to mention all the disgusting things that go into our trash cans such as diapers, rotten foods, paper towels, etc. etc. I would hate to have that job.

2. Police Officer - They have a dangerous job. They have to protect us from all the criminals in the world. Of course, they are also there to uphold the law such as speeding, going through red lights and other motor vehicle misconducts. They have to go through some rough training to protect us too.

3. Fireman - Another dangerous job. Imagine having to go into a burning building or house. It's scarey thing to think about but it happens. They are heros to risk their lives to protect others. What's really strange is that in the state of NJ firemen do not get paid. They are volunteers. In my opinion they should be paid to protect us.

4. Teacher - I think they are so under paid and unappreciated for what they have to do. They have to teach our children. The children have to learn so they grow into respectible adults who will take over when we are gone.

5. Doctor - they are very intelligent people who help us when we are feeling ill. They are miracles from God. God put them here to help us get better. Maybe I should say they are angels.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Travel Lotto

Blog Prompt: You won the travel lotto! You will get an all expense paid trip for you and your family to 5 places anywhere in the world. List the 5 "Must See" places in the world you would go see.

This would be very hard to do with 2 1/2 year old triplets. I'd have to pick places that they too would enjoy. Let's see.

1. Florida - disney world but it has to have the disney cruise along with disney world and the other theme parks. I think the kids would really enjoy it at their age now.

2. California - I'd love to go to the San Diego Zoo, maybe even go to disney land and hollywood.

3. Paradise Island, Bahamas - Atlantis. I have heard that they have such really nice water rides in some of the hotels and that it is a beautiful island.

4. Hawaii - Love to the see this, however, don't think it would be really kid friendly. Can we leave them home for this trip? We need a romantic vacation.

5. Cruise to anywhere. I just love cruises and to have one given to us for free would be the ultimate trip. It would probably be a carnival cruise though as they are more geared towards the younger crowds with kids. They also have baby sitting and I so would take advantage of that. Now, I'm going off to bed dreaming of a vacation on a cruise.