Friday, March 09, 2007


Something that really annoys me is when I can't find something. I preordered the spiral punch from Stampin' Up last month as I'm a Stampin' Up demo and it's one of the benefits that you can order things early. I used it once to put some papers into my journal and now when I need it to add something to my journal I can't seem to find it. It's not with all my other hundreds of punches that I already have. It's such a cool punch as it makes holes in paper so you can add pages to any spiril bound journal or book. I wanted to add the 2nd week of artists way questions to my journal so I can bring my book with me to the doctor's office today so I have something to do while waiting to be seen. Where oh where did I put it? I checked my bedroom where I have my morning journal and looked on my book case NOT THERE! I checked my craft room with my punches, on top of my work desk, on my computer desk, NOT THERE! I then came down to my kitchen desk where I do most of my on line journaling and printing. NOT THERE! Where is it? If I can't find it I will definately have to order a new one but I hate to do that because once I do I will turn up and then I'll have TWO! I guess having 2 of them wouldn't be that bad. I could have one in my office and one at my kitchen desk. I just want to find the one I already have. Guess it's not going to happen right now though as I have to get the kids up for bed and feed them and then leave for the doctors appointment.

Feeling very annoyed!

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loonyhiker said...

Now I'm dying to know if you ever found it! Enquiring minds want to know....