Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Daily Downloads

Digital Scrap Garden has a Halloween kit.

Digital Divas Designs has a new daily download that starts tomorrow Oct 1. The kit is called Sweet Harvest.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Something Wicked is Coming..... Oct 1st

This is, without a doubt, the LARGEST freebie train in history!
Over 100 spectacular designers have come together to offer you
the BEST Halloween free kits, CU items, Brag Books, and more!
There is sure to be something for everyone! Rather it's for traditional scrapbooking, designing or tagging!

So sit, stay a spell and get your snagging fingers ready!!
October 1st is the take off date!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Time for Friday's Fave Five! A time to look back over your week and look for five favorite things out of your week. If you are new, you can click over here for more details and then jump right in.

Credits: French Board by Deb Ammerman

Here are my favorites:

1. 2. & 3. Kindergarten Photos. The photo flyer came home from school. The cheapest package price was $25 for 1 5 x 7, 4 wallets and a class photo. Times that by 3 and you are spending $75 on photos which we do not have at this time. Plus why in the world would I need 3 class photos? I tried contacting the photo company 2 times both by e-mail and by phone with no responses back to working with me on a good price. So with much debating on what to get I wound up taking my own photos of the kids and ordering just the class photo for $15. The three diagnal photos are what I came up with on my own.

4. Knitting. Starting a new project. I am making leg warmers for Naomi's dance class. The color is the color of her leatard. Thanks to my friend Liesl I learned how to recognize knit and pearl so I now don't have to keep counting the stitches and making errors. I had to take out about an inch or so because I skipped a stitch. In no time I will complete this project. Doing it while I watch tv. Lots of new shows to watch this week. Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, Hereos, Desperate Housewives, Fast Forward, Family Matters and much more.

5. Surprise from Hubby. Friday night my husband surprised me and came home early in order to make the fundraiser that my neighbor was doing for Juvenille Diabetes. The movie that was playing was "Back to the Future". They even had the car available to sit in before the movie. It was cold outside but the kids enjoyed the movie and we got to spend time as a family which doesn't happen very often.

What has been five favorites in your week? Please sign onto Mr. Linky if you've shared in a post and we'd love to come and visit you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Where did the week go? I know I'm posting this on Sunday but I just lost track of time. Time again to think back over the week and find five favorite things from your week. If you'd like more information you can scoot over here for the details.

1. My Niece Visits. It's always fun to have our Niece surprise visit us. We like to make funny faces while Mommy takes our photo.

2. Community Service Project. I participated in "Blankets of Belief" through Soldiers' Angels Service Project with the MOMS Club. We had 9 moms come to my house to help make blankets. In the 2 hours that we did this we didn't get much done but everyone who was here volunteered to take one home and make one for the cause. One night while watching my soap opera (Days of Our Lives) I managed to get one blanket done. Here's the finished blanket.

3. Friends. We can be friends at times without fighting. Here's a photo of us waiting to go to school.

4. Dance starts. Naomi started dance. This year she advances to the combo class where she will be taking tap/ballet and jazz. There will be 3 dances in the dance recital next May.

5. Twins for an hour and 1/2. While Naomi attends her dance class Justin and Victoria become twins for that time. They went to the mall with Mommy. They had dinner and enjoyed some time playing for a brief period of time. It's not that often they get some alone time without being triplets. This coming year they will have that special time once a week.

What are your favorites from your week. Write up a post and we'd love to come visit. Don't forget to sign Mr. Linky so we can find you!

Photo Hunt - Upside Down

Today's Photo Hunters is Upside Down.

For more photo hunters click on the above button.

Birthday Dollars at Deco-Pages

New Kit by Jennifer Rassi

Time Marches On Collab Kit by Jennifer Rassi
This wonderfully created heritage kit was created as a 2 part collab kit between 2 Designers, Designs by Jennifer Rassi and WildCat Designs. This is only Jennifer Rassi's contribution to the collab kit, please be sure to check out the other part of the collab kit by Wild Cat Designs. Thank you so much for looking... This kit Includes: 12 - 12'' x 12'' & 300 dpi background papers, 4 tags, 2 glitter flower elements, 4 bows, 2 clock elements, 2 ribbons, 1 chicken wire element, 1 old book, 1 screw head, 1 pearl, paperclip, 4 brads, 2 pearl strings, 3 family word arts, 2 cameos, and 19 metal family oriented names. The total size of this kit is approx 104 MBs and due to the size of this kit, you will download 4 zip files at checkout. You can find the kit here: and for more of Jennifer Rassi’s talented designs you can find her store here:

Bvan Esch Sale

Bonnie van Esch is having a sale. You can purchase her products here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Deco-Pages

Get the Scrappers Delight Mega Kit FREE with a $10.00 purchase!

It’s our 4th Anniversary at and to celebrate
the Design Team has created a wonderful new Mega Kit! We are
also offering a SAMPLER of the kit for FREE in the forum now! So
please come and visit soon and check out this fun new kit, and grab
the free samplers, because they will only be available until the 19th
of September!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

It's been quite a busy week. If you're new and would like to join in, here are the details.

Here are my favorite photos for the week.

1. Victoria apple picking. I really like the excitement on her face as she picks apples at her friend Alexandria's 5th birthday party.

2. Justin finished with his first homework assignment. He made the letter Bb with buttons and then sat and cut out words that begin with the letter B. He was so proud to finish his first homework.

3. Naomi at the library. She enjoyed hanging on the bike racks in front of the library posting for mommy's camera.

4. My sunflowers have finally bloomed. We started these from scratch and I did not kill them like I normally do with plants so this is a major accomplishment for me. They are in my yard in a big pot.

5. Children's creativity. One night after school the kids took all their magnets off the fridge and found another place to stick them on our vent in the family room. They even went as far as trying to sign their names on the project. Very creative.

What has been your favorites this week? If you do a post, sign on up to Mr. Linky and let us enjoy your favorites with you. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Deco Pages Anniversary

Deco-Pages is four and boy do they have some surprises in store for you this month! Mid-month…on the 15th to be exact, they will be celebrating our community and there will be new kits, coupons and more in store for you. Be sure to mark your calendar and visit them often to make sure that you don’t miss anything! They are changing things up a bit and adding an area to “meet the team” where you can ask questions and get to know the different teams and their members of

Satin and Lace by Retro Designs
Add a touch of genuine vintage luxury to your pages with satin and lace. This sparkling gem-studded kit includes many original lace and satin backgrounds with coordinating lacy frames and embellishments and if some of them look real that´s probably because they are real. There are also many original and unique embellishments such as an art nouveau butterfly set with amber stones, an elegant Tiffany vase and several vintage scraps, to mention but a few, plus a sprinkling of gemstones for an additional sparkle. Please see detailed images for large previews and examples of use. This kit includes: 12 backgrounds 12 x 12, 1 cream lace border, 1 white lace border, 1 jewelled border, 1 ornate jewelled frame, 1 pink lace frame, 2 white lace frames, 1 ribboned lace frame, 1 ornate blue embossed frame, 1 authentic art nouveau butterfly brooch, 1 blue leaf flourish, 1 sparkling gold leaf flourish, 2 silk flowers, 1 chiffon flower, 1 cameo brooch, 1 diamond and pearl brooch, 2 handmade filigree tags, 1 jewelled bow, 1 jewelled pin, 1 pressed flower posy, 1 pressed flower brooch, 1 sapphire, 1 topaz, 3 original vintage scraps, 1 original vintage card, 1 vintage lace bow, 1 vintage lace ornament, 1 Tiffany glass vase and 1 QP, 12 x 12 for a total of 45 items. You can find this vintage kit here: and for more of Retro’s talented and creative designs visit her store here: sort_direction=1&page=1
Additional kit view:

A Fishing Day by Dream Catchers Scrapping
Perfect for your “Fun in the sun” pages that include the beach, filled with a variety of cute little fish and colorful papers. This kit includes: 12 papers, 6 bubble fish, 6 star fish, 6 beveled fish, 1 water drop, 1 wave banner and 2 frames. To see more of this cute kit you can find it here:

Back to School by Dream Catchers Scrapping
This kit is perfect for capturing and preserving those back to school moments with the children. This crafty little kit has 8 papers, 3 frames, 7 colored paint brushes, 7 colored rulers, 7 colored scissors, 7 colored tags, 1 school bus and 1 school house. You can find this kit here: and for more of Dream Catchers Scrapping, visit her store here: sort_direction=1&page=1

Elegance & Drama by Aubrey’s Mom
Create your most elegant pages with Elegance N Drama. Inspired by black tie parties, this kit is sure to add a touch of drama to all of your projects. This kit contains: 10 papers, 5 bows, 4 frames, 1 chrome decoration, 1 diamond overlay, 8 flowers, 3 glitters, 2 ribbons, 3 staples, 1 rose petal, 1 ribbon flower, 2 ribbon frames and 1 tin heart. You can find this kit here:

Sweet Surrender by Aubrey’s Mom

Surrender yourself to creating sweet and special scrapbook pages! Contents of this kit include: 20 papers, 2 beaded swirls, 1 bead overlay, 5 bows, 2 journal brackets, 3 brads, 2 buttons, 2 cardboard frames, 1 doodle, 2 fabric leaves, 3 flowers, 1 flower branch, 1 tied frame, 1 gemstone heart, 1 label, 1 leaf, 2 feathers, 2 ribbon flowers, 1 ribbon frame, 3 cardboard pieces, 2 rose petals, 2 clips and 5 ribbons. You can find this sweet kit here:

The Edge of the World by Aubrey’s Mom

Inspired by the vibrant colors of nature and the beauty of the world, this gorgeous kit is sure to inspire you to push yourself to the limit! There is 120MB across 3 zip files in this huge kit that contains: 25 papers, 6 bows, 1 set stacked boxes, 3 bubble frames, 1 bubble overlay, 1 set chopsticks, 1 crayon swirl, 1 dangle heart, 2 fabric flowers, 1 floral border, 1 floral frame, 7 flowers, 3 frames, 3 glitter overlays, 2 grass elements, 1 journaling pad, 2 leaves, 2 paint splatters, 2 ribbons, 3 strings, and 3 tassels. You can find this beautiful kit here: and for more of Aubrey’s Mom talented designs visit her store here: sort_direction=1&page=1.

Never Ending Friendship by Paris Designs

Flowers for every occasion. Eye-catching backgrounds and elements, along with 2 quick pages give you plenty of versatility for any layout. This kit is designed with friendship, love of flowers, feminine feeling in mind. Pick your bouquet and may your special layouts! This kit has 24 backgrounds, 80 elements and 2 quick pages and you can find it in the store here:

Merrys Floral in Pastels by Paris Designs

Soft and floral, light and simple is the theme for this kit. Something you can use for accenting your photos and scrapbooking pages! This kit consists of 8 papers and 20 various embellishments. The kit was created in 300 DPI, papers are 12x12. Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake and RoseLi. You can find this kit here: and for more of Paris Designs beautiful kits, visit the store here: sort_direction=1&page=1

September Club Deco Kit

SEW MANY APPLES! This kit has wonderful colors, lots of yummy apples and fun elements to add to your autumn digital scrapbook pages. Once again, the Design Team has done a wonderful job in creating these kits and we can't wait to see the pages you create with them, so please do share with us in the gallery!
..... if you aren't a club member, it's just$7.99 for one month, or $15 for 3 months! A complete steal for all your get.
Signup in the forum today by clicking here, and you'll get kits like the one shown in the preview each month of your membership!!Plus so much more...

Challenges to inspire you to “Always Remember”
Do you have tons of pictures and just don’t know where to begin? has just the ticket for you with loads of fun and inspiring challenges.

Deco My Ad by Wildcat Designs Advertisers have known for years that to make money you need to grab someone's attention, so they spend hours and lots of money creating very eye catching graphic layouts. Why not use those great ads as an inspiration for a LO. The challenge is simple - - -I give you and ad---this one your job is to take all or part of the ad and create your own version in a LO. You can crop, rotate, and eliminate what you don't care for. Use it as a base and just go with it. Can't wait to see all your versions. Once you post you LO in the Deco My Ad Gallery - - -come back and leave a link in this thread. At the end of the month those that complete the task will be rewarded with a mini-kit. You can find more about the Deco My Ad challenge in this forum see pages inspired by this new challenge in the gallery here:
Eclectic Challenge hosted by Aubrey's Mom: Every month is something new!! Inspiration came from many sources, so each month we'll explore a different inspiration item and learn new techniques... and maybe do something a bit different than normal. You can find the Eclectic Challenge Forum here: now

Layout Of The Day
Every day a member of the Sunshine Team of choses a layout that stretchs the imagination, grabs attention or is just so unique that it is worthy of bringing attention to. Here are some of this last weeks choices :

Vol De Nuit by ACountryRose

Love Me1 by Sisa0309

Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer by Scrapladyandmore

Help Wanted !
Sunshine Team Members :

Are you of sunny disposition, enjoy being on your computer and being involved? We would like to invite you to join our Sunshine Team! We currently have openings. It’s easy to apply, just send a PM to PatinParis with a bit about yourself and why you would like to be on the team. It’s simple really. Just spend 30 minutes a day on the site or equivalent each week, taking part in the challenges, games, posting in the forums and gallery. Just having fun, making friends and helping Deco-Pages spread sunshine and love all around! We also ask that you help us promote Club Deco. Create LO’s using the kits and post them in the gallery and on your blogs showing off the talent of yourself as well as the design team. There are lots of benefits! Meeting new friends, getting to know everyone better around the site and you get the Club Deco for Free! If you are already a subscription member, your subscription will be extended for the amount of time you have left when you leave the team. We would love to have you join us!

Creative Team Members
We have an opening for two creative team members.
Are you creative and want to be on Deco-Pages CT team? Do you want to be on a CT team and not sure if you are creative enough? That is right, Deco-Pages is looking for CT's for the site team!! One of our beliefs is that this is a place to learn, a place for all levels to grow. And believing that, we have our call open to all levels of experience for doing layouts. Requirements: Pick 1 kit from 2 different designers, create 2 layouts for each kit, post them here at Deco and at least 2 other sites; rotating designers each month. ---15 minutes a day active on site -- this could mean different things depending on your likes, talents and experience. If you are interested, please PM me (PatinParis) with: -The link to your gallery (I love seeing layouts!!) -A little bit about you (I want to feel I know a bit about you when I say yes) -Why you would like to be a CT here at Deco-Pages Newsletter Correction:
Oops! We made a boo boo in the September Newsletter. We accidently displayed the incorrect Layout and omitted the credits. The following are corrections to the Heritage Tip in the newsletter:

The LO that was originally displayed in the NL was wrong and has since been corrected with this one:
This is the link to the LO credits:

There is something for everyone at . Stop in and Let us help you to always remember! We appreciate you being part of our community. Thank You! Other Links of Interest

Monthly Newsletter:
Facebook Group:
Digital Scrapbook Connection:
Digital Scrapbooking News with Deco-Pages:
Deco-Pages Blog:
Twitter :

Monday, September 07, 2009

Photo Hunt - Orange Theme

I saw this over at Living to tell the Story. Susanne is joining the Photo Hunters. Since I am doing project 365 and haven't yet taken my photo for the day I figured I might as well participate too. Hopefully, it will help me with my project 365 photos as there is a different theme each week! I think it will be lots of fun to add more concepts to my photos each week! So here is my very first go at it with the theme of "Orange":

Photo Hunters - Orange

Orange. I looked all around my house looking for something orange to photograph for today's project 365 photo. I wound up taking a photo of my husband's "AWESOME Cups". That's what he calls them. I hate these cups because they take up way too much room in my cupboard. He got these at walmart in a package of 3 for 50 cents. It was a great deal but they are big. He says they are "AWESOME" because it can hold a whole can of soda or whatever he wants to put in them.


September Daily Download

Scrappity-do-dah has a new Daily Download that started Sept 6. Click here to get to the downloads.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Brag Book Challenge

I am hosting a Brag Book Challenge over at Deco-Pages. Every month I change the theme. September's theme is School or Learning. Each participant is required to create a page with something to do with school or learning on their page. It can be about going to school, doing arts and crafts, learning to drive, learning to play a musical instrument, dance lessons, etc. Have fun with this. Come and join us here. Here is the reward you receive for participating.

Color Challenge at Deco Pages

September09 Color Challenge Starter Kit
from margie's scrapping blog by Margie

This kit is free for Club Deco Members or just 1.99 in the store for non-members. If you would like information on becoming a Club Deco Member you can find the information here at Stop in and check out the challenge! There are three different additions to this starter kit that together combine to make a mega kit! See you there!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

September Daily Download

Digital Scrapbooking has a new Daily Download that starts today. I am so ready for fall. What a fun kit you will get if you download each day. You need to be a member of their website as the download is through their store but membership is free. So sign up today and don't miss today's download.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

1. Organized Entryway. I redid our entryway so the kids have a place to put their backpacks, coats and shoes when they walk into the house. This is a photo of the neat and organized entryway.
2. Kindergarten Orientation. The children met their teacher and class room for the first time. Unfortunately there was no bus to ride on. They seemed to like their new teacher and new school.

3. Beautiful flowers. My sunflower bloomed. The children took photos with it the day they had kindergarten orientation. I just love this photo of Victoria. She has such a silly face here.

4. First Day of Kindergarten. My children started elementary school on Thursday. This is a photo of them right before the went on the bus for the very first time. They were not scared. Of course, after the bus left I walked home with tears rolling down my cheeks. I now have almost 3 hours of free time each day. Really looking forward to the quite and hopefully getting things done around the house.

5. Having my husband home for the day. He got to spend some time with the kids as he walked the kids to the bus stop for their 2nd day of school. We spent some alone quite time while the kids were in school. Then he took us out to dinner when they returned home.

What were your favorites for the week. Don't forget if you do a post and sign on the Mr. Linky you'll be entered in our 52nd week celebration.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sept Daily Downloads and Contest

Found another Daily Download. This one is at Scrappity Doo Da. Hurry Sept 1 is still available.


Stone Accents Studio is having a designer contest this month. As designers compete they will be posting mini kits that you can get for free by visiting their gallery. They are on week 1 and the colors are really pretty. Take a peek at what they are working with below. So far the kits are in a fall theme. Click on Stone Accents Studio to bring you to the gallery for a look and to download. You can even vote later in the week on which kits you like so check often throughout the month.