Thursday, March 08, 2007

Deserted Island

Your cruise ship is sinking and the one and only small lifeboat only holds 5 people. This life boat will take you to a deserted island with no hope of rescue. On the cruise ship there are people of all different professions. What professions would you want in the boat with you in order of priority? If you and your spouse on in the life boat, you can only bring 3 other people. If you are single, you can bring 4.

Okay since my spouse will be on the lifeboat with me the three professionals that I would choose would be:

1. A Doctor - no not a regular family doctor, more like a surgeon doctor. The one which has more medical school knowledge to help on the island if we should get hurt or sick.

2. A Zoologist - This person would have knowledge of the animals on the island and would know what animal would be the safest to hunt down and eat.

3. An Engineer - This person would know how to make shelter for us by building huts and maybe even building a boat or raft to get us off the stranded island.


Sharon said...

I hadnt thought of a Zoologist!

loonyhiker said...

My hubby came up with the doctor and the engineer too (of course I thought he meant a choo choo engineer and he rolled his eyes at me!)