Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Wish

On March 9th the blogger prompt was:

I wish someone had told me

Begin your entry with "I wish someone had told me..."

I wish someone had told me that digital scrapbooking would be so addictive.
I wish someone had told me that I would have sleepless nights once I learned how to use adobe photoshop elements.
I wish someone had told me that there was a chance I could have triplets.
I wish someone had told me not to stay up late.
I wish someone had told me that I would be raising these kids alone.
I wish someone had told me the easiest way to keep the house clean.
I wish someone had told me how to handle tantrum toddlers.
I wish someone had told me how to back up my files. Note: I have a new harddrive yet it just sits there waiting for my husband to show me how to backup my files. I sure hope my computer doesn't crash before it gets backed up.

Here is my layout for that prompt.


It's a Miracle - Missing Ring Found

You all know by now that I lost my wedding band 2 days ago. I had looked all over my friend's house and my house with no luck. I even prayed to God that I would find it. I am behind on my laundry. I had 4 loads to fold that were in baskets on top of the washer/dryer. Four or 5 loads to still wash. One load in the washing machine and one in the dryer. When I went to take out the clothes from the dryer to fold guess what I saw right on top of the dried clothes? My ring, My ring! It was amongst the clean dried clothes. So no I did not have my ring on at the library. Nor did I have it on at Stacy's house. It's a miracle that I have found it again. I also learned how to use the micro setting on my camera and finally took a photo of it. I kept saying I wish I had a photo of my ring so now I do and I actually have the real ring back.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Lost Wedding Ring - Hope

I lost my wedding ring today. I prayed that I would find it. I searched and searched with no luck. Could it be at the library? Could it be in my car? Could it be at Stacy's house? Could it be in the garbage as we were painting and using baby wipes to get the paint off our hands? Where oh where could my ring have gone. I was so upset that I cried both at Stacy's house and again at home that caused a migrane headache again. I've been getting them more frequently lately. Maybe it's a sign I need to take a break. After putting the children to sleep for the night I took a Motrin and passed out at 8:30 pm. Waking up at 12:30 am. My husband came up to check on me because it is not like me to go to bed so early normally I'm up on the computer until 2 am. He hugged me and said not to keep my hopes up that my ring is gone and that he will get me a new one. How sweet is that?

This was not my first wedding ring. This was my 2nd one that he purchased for me for our 10 year anniversary because I could not wear my first ring because of the weight that I had gained from the triplets. It wasn't purchased in the USA. It was bought when we were in St. Thomas on vacation. Also this is not the first time in the past 2 years that I have lost it. I lost it once before. It took a week but it did turn up when I stopped searching for it. So I'm praying that it will turn up again.

I found this poem on the internet by Hayley Sales - it really portrays the feelings I am going through at this time in my life except for the broken engagement part. But wow, she even has the whining child in there and I so need a Great Escape!

The Great Escape

has carved
me from head to toe
each reservoir
of serenity
into tiny shards of what used to be
a heart
i feel
knocking at my door
But he’s the
of a towering man who breaths
down my neck laughing
I race
back to
yesterday, but yesterday
is a
whinning child crying out
every moment
I missed while wanting
a better moment
is all i have
but it
feels meaningless
a broken engagement
a lost wedding ring
a molded bouquet
How i long for the great escape

Lord, when all around me looks dark, remind me the bridge of hope will carry me over the present troubles, into the future You have promised. Amen.

What, then, can I count on, O Lord? In You my hope lies. Psalms 39:8

Childhood Birthdays

Describe one of your childhood birthdays. Compare it to your current birthday celebrations, what has stayed the same over time?

My birthday is in February so every year that I remember my party was cancelled because of the weather. It always snowed!

It continues to have bad weather now that I'm older. I used to have cake at my birthdays but this year I did not have a cake. Is it that I'm getting old or that my husband just forgot? He's 3 weeks younger than me so when it was his birthday I didn't give him a cake either. I did get an awesome gift a new digital camera with video though so I can't be mad at him for forgetting my cake.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Party Anyone?

Are you the partying type? Party? I am so not a party type. I do not drink, however, lately I've been considering it. When I attend a party I like to hide in the crowd. I do not like to draw attention to myself. I think that is why I am having a hard time dealing with the celebrity attention that the triplets have given to my life. I just don't like to be noticed and having triplets brings a lot of attention. When we are out in public we stand out in the crowd and it's like we have 3 heads or something. Why do people stare and make wise remarks? I'd much rather climb under a rock then be notice like I am now.

Write about a party you've had or attended. The last party I attended was for a 2 year old little boy, our cousin. It was a Spiderman theme. The tables had favors which were spiderman bags and inside the bags were candy and lots of lolly pops. Why do I remember the lolly pops? Well, because I don't give my children any candy except for when they are getting their hair cut so it's more like a treat for them to keep them quite and be good. This day all they ate were those lolly pops. The food that was served was Kosher. There were bagels, tuna fish, egg salad and noodle koogle. I gave them bagels since they do not eat that other stuff. They did have cake too so it was a sugar high for sure that day. The entertainment was really cool. They had a woman who played and sang songs and then she gave out these musical instruments to all the children to play with. The kids loved it. Of course, they are familiar with music time since I take them to the library for those type of activities.

Ever wanted to be the recipient of a surprise party? Now is your chance to let your family know! Nope no interest in a surprise party. I did have a surprise bridal shower once. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the location I noticed my mom's car in the parking lot so it was a big give away that it was my shower. For my baby shower I actually planned it since we had to have it early and we had it in my house so I wouldn't have to lug 3 high chairs, 3 play pens, 3 cribs, etc. etc. back to the house. Speaking of surprises my neighbor just turned 40. How do I know? Well, her husband had signs all over the neighborhood. How embarrassing is that? Well, it gets even better. As I saw the signs I decided to drive past her house because I thought she was having a party or something well, in front of her house she has 2 trees. Hanging from her trees were pink bras and again more signs saying she was 40. Could you imagine? I certainly would be so embarrassed. Not only is turning 40 rough but for the entire neighborhood to know you are 40 that's embarrassing. I have 3 more years till I'm 40 and I so hope my husband doesn't advertise it to the world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Babies, I Hate You

Today it was in the 60's so when we returned from the MOPs meeting we had our lunch in the backyard sitting at the baby picnic table. It was only about 12:30 pm when we arrived back home. So after eating our lunch I allowed the kids to play a bit more in the yard while I brought out my computer to write my blog entry for Wed. While I was writing the kids started to fight. They normally fight so it was no surprise to me. They screamed and cried over the toy stroller that we have only 2 of and there are, of course, 3 of them. I always have to break up the fight and persuade them to play with something else. It can become loud at times. Whenever there is no noise I know that they are in some sort of trouble.

While we were in the yard the little boy who lives behind us was in his yard playing and he kept saying, "Be Quite!" "Be Quite" "Babies, Be Quite". The little boy must be about 4 years old because he wasn't in school so I'm just guessing here. Our yards are separated by a strip of trees and then the fence on our side but we can see through slightly to their yard.

Well, the fighting did not stop and then all of a sudden I hear from the little boy, "BABIES, I HATE YOU." He repeats it over and over again. I know that he was referring to my children as who else would he be talking to or about? I must be over sensitive because this has been bothering me for like 3 hours now and I figured I'd write it down to release it from my mind. After hearing this a couple of times I decided it was time to bring my children in for their nap. I just wanted the little boy to stop shouting those painful words so my children wouldn't hear it and repeat it. I don't think it affected them because I haven't heard them say anything and they are at the stage where they repeat things so I'm hoping that they didn't pick up on what he has said. Time will tell.

Peculiar Gift

What's the most peculiar gift you've ever received? Describe the scene when you opened it and your reaction.

At my bridal shower I opened up a box which contained the ugliest glass shaped dombs with a metal holder that looked like it was rusting. At the time almost 12 years ago I did not know what those glass dombs were for so I just smiled and said thank you. For years I stored them in my basement with all the other china and glass things I received from the shower. When I joined flylady a couple of years later I did actually throw those pieces of glass and metal in the garbage only to find out that they were actually candle holders. I guess they were just not my taste at the time and still to this day I think they were ugly.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? If not, what's changed?
My first and middle name remains the same. The only thing that has changed is my last name when I married my husband I took on his last name.

If you could change your name (first or middle, no last names for safety please!), what would it be? I never really thought about changing my name except that I like the name Rebecca (Rivka). Biblical: Rebekah, noted in the Genesis account as a maiden of beauty, modesty, and kindness, became the wife of Abraham's son, Isaac. I couldn't use it for my children's names because I took it as my hebrew name when I converted.

Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?) For my first name I don't know the answer to this one. I guess I will have to ask my parents the next time I see them. I do know that my middle name is named after my Aunt Lynn.

Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why? Well, I already mentioned that I loved the name Rebecca (read above). I also love Victoria, Ashley, Aiden and Justin. I have used all the names I really liked in my children's names. Nope, Naomi was not one that I liked. I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either. My husband named her. It means "pleasant one; above all, beauty". Her middle name we made up as we needed a D name and since I hated Danielle we took the name Aiden and added a D to make Daiden.

I hate the names Danielle, Daniel, Samantha, Lori and Linda. I'm sure I can go on and on here. Why I hate those names I don't really know. Maybe because they remind me of people I met years ago or I just don't like the way they sound.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Remembering Childhood

List five childhood accomplishments (straight A's, training the dog, etc.).
1. Regents Diploma (high school)
2. Honor Roll (middle school)
3. Graduated 6 months early (high school)
4. Was on the Year Book Committee (high school)
5. Fell head over heals in Love (high school - my husband)

And..list five favorite childhood foods - get one of those this week.
1. Homemade Chicken Rice Soup - this was made from my first boyfriend's mother. I never got her recipe.
2. Very thin pancakes with butter and sugar rolled up. My next door neighbor made this for me often. It was my favorite. To this day I still put butter and sugar on my pancakes, however, I can never get them very thin as I remembered them.
3. Pizza. I remember doing a lot of take out when I was younger because my mom did not cook. My dad did cook and still does. I guess that's why I like to do take out myself but lately we are trying to cut back on our expenses as this way of living is way too expensive.
4. Soft Pretzel. While in high school I would live on the soft pretzels that were sold right outside the gym area. They were just regular soft pretzels with salt on them. Today you can find them with all different types of toppings. Now, I'm craving a pretzel.
5. Tea Tassies cookies. During the Christmas holidays I remember making tons of different cookies with my dad. It was a tradition that we did every year. My favorite cookie was the tea tassies. It was a recipe that I had gotten from my friend Paulette's Mom back in middle school. I still have that recipe somewhere and occasionally make it during the holiday time. Actually, my sister made it this past holiday.

Childhood Room

Describe your childhood room. Why did you like it? What was your favorite thing you liked? What about your room now?

My childhood bedroom was in the attic. The walls were slanted like in a barn. They had red panels that my dad put up. On those walls I had millions of posters taped up. I think they were of Duran Duran and John Stamos and maybe some Days of Our Lives actors and actresses. Yes, I watched them back when I was a teen. I also remember that I had satin things hanging from the ceilings. Like balloons, hearts, etc. back then I think they were popular. The favorite thing that I liked was that my dad made me a sliding glass mirrored closet for my clothes. If you went into one side of the closet it would lead you to a hidden trapped door where I had my old toys such as dolls and barbies. When I was really young I would play in that hidden closet. I had a queen size bed. It was a set that my mom purchased 2nd hand. It was light brown in color. The bedroom set came with me when I got married but when we purchased our first house we went and got a king size bed pictured below. My old set is being used by Justin today.

My room now is really boring. We have only white walls which we never painted. There is nothing at all on them not even any pictures. I do have a walk in closet for storing all my clothes that I share with my husband. It needs more shelves for our stuff though. My bed is a king size bed and we have a big headboard with mirrors and draws and cabinets where I store my books. We have a ceiling fan with light which I think is at times spooked because sometimes the light will go on by itself and turn off by itself so I don't leave the light switch on. It's on a remote so maybe one of my neighbors has the same remote and is controlling our light. We are the first owners of this house so that's the only logical explanation I can come up with. Our bed sheets are normally either blue like pictured or green in color. I sometimes use a duvet cover or I got one of those bed in the bags sets that I alternate from time to time. The colors are usually light in color because I did try to get a dark blue or dark green and the hair from my 2 cats just attracts to the dark colors and looked awful after one day. So I stay with the light colors.

Behind the - Bathtime with Triplets

Expose a funny or interesting "behind the scenes" story from your job or home. What really happens when no one else is around that we wouldn't expect? (Or maybe we would expect it, so you can confirm it for us!)

As most of you already know I am on my own raising the triplets. Yes, no help from my husband at all. He works 24/7 to support us so he's never around. As they are getting older I am finding that it's not getting easier. It is exactly the opposite, it's getting harder. They are getting into more and more stuff and the noise level in our house has definately raised up a notch with all the screaming and whining from them fighting.

At least 2 times a week I attempt bathtime. How is bathtime done with triplets? Well, I am still doing one child at a time in the kitchen sink. Yes, they still fit in my kitchen sink. They now fight on who's going to get their bath first. They run in the kitchen and hang onto my leg screaming and crying until I pick one. I try to alternate who goes first so it's fair. I play a movie or tv show for the other two to entertain them while I am bathing the one. Yesterday, was bathtime. Victoria is potty training so she ran into the bathroom while I was bathing her sister. She is almost considered potty trained because she now can do it on her own until she is done. When she is done she carries the tray out to me to show me that she had success because she wants a treat (M&M's). I am giving them treats for success. Well, this time she didn't come out. I didn't know she was in the bathroom until I was finished with Naomi. Victoria came out screaming that she was wet! WET!!!!!!! At this point my blood pressure is rising. WET!!!! How? After dressing Naomi I go to see why she is wet. I step into the bathroom. What do I see? Well, the floor is drenched. I have a flood of water all over the floor. She apparently was playing in the toilet again. I quickly wipe up the floor. I'm fuming at this point in time. Yes, lately I've been losing my temper a lot. My mind is racing. These thoughts are rushing into my head. "Why can't my husband take 1/2 hour of his time to watch them so I can do bathtime without any incidents." "Why God do you make him work so much?" "Don't you see I need his help". "By some miracle can you please at least give him some slack so he doesn't have to work so hard to support us?" "And please give me the patience so I don't hurt my children."

Well, the bathroom floor is now clean. The other two have been bathed and now it's time for storytime. After the stories they go to sleep and Mommy is left with guilt for being a raving lunatic from screaming at spilt water on the floor. Oh, this has not happened only the one time. This has happened before. I should be used to it by now. Every time I am occupied with one child the other two seem to get into some type of trouble. It may not be the water in the toilet but it could be poopie decorating, whole boxes of cereal spilled onto the floor and dragged throughout the house, bananas opened and smeared on the carpet and couch, now don't get me started on the amount of toys that are thrown all over the house where there are occasions that I wind up stepping on them and hurting my foot in the process. It's never ending messes at our house to pick up or clean up. At least I made it through another day. They are all safe and asleep. And the new day starts tomorrow. What will they get into next?

Sunday, March 25, 2007


What does music mean to me? Well, when I was growing up, I learned many different musical instruments by taking lots of lessons. What instruments did I learn? I learned the guitar, accordion, clarinet and hand bells. The guitar I quit because of the callouses I was forming on my fingers. It was not fun.

The accordion was such a silly instrument to learn but I did so just because my dad wanted me to. I know stop laughing yes I did learn this funny looking instrument. The instrument was heavier than I was.

The clarinet I took lessons in junior high school for the band. I hated the clarinet because I would get light headed from blowing. I don't remember how long I played for but it was probably one year.

The hand bells I played in the church choir. The hand bells I loved but stopped playing because I got too old for the age group that it was for. If I had to do any of the 4 instruments that I learned again I would probably do the hand bells again. I really wish my parents took photos of me playing them back then. I have not found any photos at all. I remember going at night for practice and then playing them for the Christmas holidays. A couple of times we played for the strawberry festival during the summer time and there was one time we even went to New York City on a trip to play during the holiday season. Now the sad part is that I don't remember where we went to play. Sure wish I journaled when I was younger.

Why is music coming to me now? Why am I remembering this? Well, my in-laws are giving us their piano. I always wanted to learn how to play so now I will have the opportunity to do so. I already know how to read music but, of course, I will be slow at it since I haven't done it in a long time. Will it be like riding a bike? We will so see! This last photo is of my children sitting in front of my in-laws piano during Hanukkah. Maybe one of them will want to learn as well. I know playing the piano will take lots of practice. My mom thinks I will be good at it since I use my fingers all the time to type. He! He! Yes, I do type fast. Probably 80 words a minute still.

Spring - Go with the Flow

Go with the flow: Choose a prompting word from the following list and write about whatever comes to mind for 10 minutes without stopping.

Prompting Words List:

Rebirth, renew, fresh, spring, wet, budding, growth, beginning, March, April, May, Easter Sunday, rabbits, eggs, April showers, May flowers, lent, Jesus, traditions, holiday, candy, jellybeans, chocolate rabbits, baskets.

is a busy month. Lots to do. The calendar is full of play dates. I think I have only one day that is empty which will be filled with a family play date. Easter is at my moms so my sister says. Mom did not tell me as of yet so it could change. Egg hunt is at Stacy's house a MOMs club member. I have the eggs and the stuffing just need to find time to stuff them and get them ready for April 3 I think it is or is it the 4th? It's written on the calendar so I can remember. What else are we doing in April. Yes, we are going to see Elmo live. I haven't told the kids yet as they will bother me until it is time to go so I figured I'd keep quite until that day. My mom will stay over the night before to help me get them to the theatre. Oh, my sister and my niece and grandmother and dad are also going. It should be fun. My dad's birthday is in April. My grandmother's birthday is also in April. The kids will be 32 months old in April. I still have 5 more minutes to ramble on and on about April. I sure hope we don't have that much rain. There are many activities planned at parks in the month of April. I sure hope I start to see some flowers blooming around. We had snow this past week so everything is still that really dull green color. The only flowers I have seen are ones which they sell at the plant stores. I haven't seen any flowers as I walked around the block with the kids. Speaking of walking around the block I don't think I will be doing that again any time soon. The last time I walked around Victoria ran off and Naomi got too tired and I had to carry her meanwhile my heart was beating so very fast as I was afraid Victoria would run in the street. 2 more minutes! Man 10 minutes is a long time to write. April, April. What else can I write about April? Oh, yeah! I'm going to an all day scrapbook event. Yes, an all day one. My mom is going to watch the children. I can't wait. I asked for an electrical outlet so I can bring my laptop and digital scrapbook the day away. I so need a break from the kids so this I am certainly looking forward to attending. 10 minutes is up!

Friday, March 23, 2007

DSP Celebrates 3 Years celebrates 3 years. They are having a big birthday party. Here is the cake that I decorated for the celebration.


Another Pet Lovers Freebie

Calico Designs has another cat/dog freebie. Click on image to get to their website. There is even a tutorial on how to add the cats/dogs name to the name tags. Really cool.

More "G" Words

11. Grouchy. I am feeling a bit grouchy today. Why, well, I had time to take a shower but when it was time to dry my hair my blow dryer blew out so I'm having my hair air dry. I got the kids dressed and down for breakfast and while getting their juice (orange for today). I didn't realize that I took the cover off the orange juice and I picked it up and shook it. Yes, I was covered in orange juice. My shirt, my pants, my hair. I did not scream though. I'm actually sitting here with my bra on as I'm washing my cloths. It's only 10 am. The kids are handing me their coats. They love to go out, however, today I have nothing planned. I sure hope the rest of the day doesn't go like it did this morning.

12. Gold. I'm not much of a jewelry person. I wear my wedding band and my gold post earrings on a daily basis. There are only a few times a year that I actually put on a necklace. I never ever wear a bracelet but always wear my Italian charm watch. If I had to choose from gold and silver, I would pick gold. I never ever wear costume jewelry.

13. Gardening. I hate to garden. Pulling up weeds is the worst! I hate to get my hands dirty. When my mother comes to visit she maintains the front of our house for us. We don't even cut our lawn we pay someone to do it for us.

14. Gemstone. My favorite gemstone is Amethyst. It is also my birthstone. Of course, my favorite color is also purple. When I was picking out my wedding band I actually wanted Amethyst in my setting but wound up just getting diamonds. My pre-engagement ring, however, does have Amethyst in it. It is a heart shaped ring that has diamonds and Amethysts alternating around the heart.

15. Groups. I belong to many support groups. Most are related to raising triplets and some are for my scrapbooking.

  • MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers. I joined back in October. I attend 2 times a month a meeting where they watch my children and I socialize with other mothers and they have a speaker or movie about parenting and then discussion group and at each meeting we make a craft to carry home. It's been a lifesaver for me since it's the only real time I get alone without the kids. the kids love it too as they think they are attending school.
  • MOMS club - Mothers Offering Mothers Support. This is a local group that I joined back in October as well. This club has once a month meetings where they have a guest speaker and the children play while they speak with us all in the same room so it can get very chaotic at times. I am very involved in this group. I am now officially on the committee as photographer and scrapbooker for the club. This club has activities every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday. It's a great way to get my kids out of the house and they really enjoy playing with other children. This club also has Moms Night Out that are really fun to attend. I try to make each one. Last month they had a spa night were we all went for a massage! This month it's just dinner but next month we will be attending Super Supers. Can't wait to see what that's all about as I'm always struggling with the question, "What's for Dinner?" At the Super Supers we will be making 6 meals which we will freeze for the week. It is a bit expensive $135 I think for the 3 meals but just think I won't have to do the grocery shopping as they do all that for you.
  • Triplet Moms Clubs. I belong to the local triplet moms club. This club meets once a month for dinner (Moms Night out). This group consists of moms who have triplets of all different ages so there is no triplet get together except for the yearly picnic which happens once a year usually in August. But it is nice to get to a dinner and discuss the issues that I'm dealing with now and most of the moms have already gone through what I'm going through and can give you tips on how to handle the situation. They survived!
  • Yahoo groups Triplet Mom Same Age Group. This one I'm most active in. This group is of triplet moms who have the same age triplets as mine. It's a fun support group as we all are in the same boat so to speak. It's nice to know that I'm not alone here with the tantrums, whining, potty training and poop parties. Thanks guys for all your support.
  • Yahoo groups Triplet Moms. This one I belong to and only occasionally post to as it's very very active and I really don't have the time to read every one's posts but it's available to me if I need it.
  • Yahoo groups Scrapals. I have been a member of scrapals for about 8 years when I first learned how to scrapbook. I even met some of the woman in the group before my children were born. My first time to California. It was a scrapbook retreat. Very fun. Waving to my friends here. I used to be very active in this group but with the triplets I haven't been posting as much but it's nice to have some friends who share the same passion for scrapbooking.

Letter of the Day is "G"

1. Girls. I have 2 girls. They are not identical and their personalities are way different too. Both are little princesses in their own special way.

Naomi. She is the baby. She is very demanding and serious. She also whines all day long especially when she wants something or if one of the other two are taking her toys away or bothering her. She also tattletales. She is the first one to tell you something is wrong and who did it.
Victoria. She is the oldest triplet. She is the most vocal. You can actually have a conversation with her and she will talk back to you. She also now sings songs along with you. She loves that song 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. She counts to five. She likes to tease her sister and take her toys away so I call her my little antagonizer.

2. Garage. We have a 2 car garage. Before the triplets were born I was able to get both my car and my husband's car in the garage but now that they are here the extra equipment that came with the triplets takes up one of the car spaces. So my husband's car is in our driveway. My goal this summer is to get rid of the extra strollers, high chairs, other things in the garage to get the car back into it. I will either sell on e-bay or go to a consignment shop with all this stuff. I can't give it to my sister since my niece has already outgrown this stuff.

3. Gates. I have 3 gates in my house. One which separates my dining room from my kitchen. Another which is at the bottom of the steps and the 3rd is a very long one which separates the foyer from the family room. These gates are necessary to keep the triplets confined to 1/2 of the first floor. They have access to the kitchen, family room, bathroom, and play room during the day time.

4. Garbage. Why are the triplets so fascinated with the garbage? I have to keep the garbage pail up on top of my kitchen island because little hands keep taking things out of the garbage. I tried today to keep it down on the floor yet again they managed to put their toys in it and then take things out that they weren't supposed to. You would think by age 2 1/2 they wouldn't do that any more. So again up on top of the island it went.

Another thing about garbage. Why is it only 50 % of the time my husband will remember to take it out to the curb. When I wake up at 8 am and here the truck it's already too late to run out the pails that are filled with garbage and dirty diapers. I so hate when he misses a pick up because then our garage reeks from the smell of diapers! Yuck.

5. Goat. What is it about goats? I rented this book called, "On Top of Spaghetti" by Paul Brett Johnson. While reading it every time I turn the page the triplets say "Who's that?" and point to the goat. I tell them it's a goat every day. You would think they would remember what the animal was after repeating it page after page. Okay, it is a funny looking cartoon character picture of a goat in that book.

6. Green. Well, the other day story time at the library theme was "It's Not Easy Being Green". I really thought that she would read books about frogs or the grinch. But she read books about St. Patricks Day instead. Silly me forgot that St. Patricks day was approaching. Anyway, the kids had fun making shamrocks with tissue paper.

7. Giraffe. When the triplets first saw a giraffe at the safari last summer Naomi kept screaming and holding her head. I just don't know why? Maybe she was scared of them because they were so tall. They actually came up to the car and she was screaming. Wonder if she will do that again this year when we go to the safari again.

8. Guitar. Bet you didn't know that when I was younger I took guitar lessons? I did it for a year. It didn't stick though. Didn't like the callouses it formed on my hands. I couldn't play anything now though.

9. Girl Scout. When I was little I was in the girl scouts. I started out as a brownie and then went into the girl scouts. It was something I enjoyed doing. I liked earning the different badges and doing all the arts and crafts. I hope when my children get older they too join the girl scouts and boy scouts. It would be fun to be a scout leader. Bet I volunteer when it is time for my children to join.

10. Geese. We saw some geese at the lake near the library the other day. I told my kids they were ducks. I guess because they know how to say ducks and that ducks say quack quack. I should have corrected myself and told them they are geese. The next time we are out I will tell them and show them the difference.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Veggies Anyone?

Did you, or did you not, eat your vegetables as a youngster? What sorts of veggies will and won't you eat nowadays? Home garden grown, organic only, or anything goes?

When I was younger that's all I liked to eat was veggies. My sister was the meat eater and I was the veggie eater. Most days I would trade my meat for her veggies. I used to eat tons of veggies before I was pregnant with the triplets. Broccoli was my favorite. However, I would get very bad gas pains and didn't realize that broccoli was the cause of my pain until I looked up what was causing my discomfort and low and behold broccoli is the number one gas contributing factor. So I stopped eating it and only on occasion I will have broccoli and suffer the consequences afterwards. The one veggie that I eat a lot of now is canned green beans. I buy cases of it when Shoprite has their can-can sale. I also eat zucchini and eggplant. I'm not much of a salad eater but from time to time I will order one at a restaurant. I like the kind that has tons of weird things in it like sun dried tomatoes, olives, cranberries, tangerines, croutons, etc. etc. Not particularly in the same salad. I don't grow my own veggies. I go for the canned version which is fast, on rare occasions I get the frozen kind and very often I try to get the fresh kind in the grocery store.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Descriptive Writing Skills

Let's practice our descriptive writing skills.

Write out, in detail, what you did for the last five minutes before you sat down at the computer. Now write a second paragraph about the same five minutes, but try to include even more details.

Ambitious? Do it again, with more!

I was sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours and then when I started this blogger prompt I started to hear one of my girls coughing. I sat for a few minutes wondering if I should go up to her but when she continued to cough I decided to go up. I brought up cough medication. When I opened up the door I found my daughter Naomi standing at her crib side still coughing. I gave her some cough medication and told her to lay down. She asked for some water. So I came back downstairs to get her some water and then back upstairs again. The coughing has now stopped.

I was sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours checking e-mails, downloading digital files, coding digital files and doing a blogging catch up. When I started this blogger prompt I started to hear one of my girls coughing. It was a hacking cough at first. Then it got louder and more frequent. I sat for a few minutes wondering if I should go up to her but when she continued to cough I decided to go up. I got some cough medication ready and brought that up with me. When I opened up the door I found my daughter Naomi standing at her crib side still coughing. I gave her some cough medication and told her to lay down and try to go back to sleep. She asked for some water. I told her I would get her some and so I came back downstairs to get her a sippy cup that I filled with ice and water and then I went back upstairs again. I told her to drink some water and I went back downstairs to finish my blogging. The coughing has now stopped.

I was sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours checking e-mails, downloading digital files, coding them and trying to catch up on my blog prompts that I didn't have time to do in the past couple of days. When I started this blogger prompt I heard one of my girls coughing. It was a hacking cough at first then it got louder and more frequent. I sat for a few minutes wondering if I should go up to her but when she continued to cough I decided to go up to check on her. I got some cough medication ready before heading up the stairs and brought that with me. At the top of the steps I turned on the hallway light. I then opened up the door to the girls room and I found my daughter Naomi standing in her crib still coughing. I gave her some cough medication and told her to lay down and try to go back to sleep. She asked for some water. I told her I would get her some and so I came back downstairs to get her a sippy cup that I filled with ice and water from the refrigerator. I then went back upstairs to give it to her as I promised I would. I told her to drink some water and to lay down. I covered her with her Dora blanket and rubbed her back. I then looked into Victoria's crib since they share the same room. I was afraid all that coughing from Naomi would have woken her up. She was still sleeping, however, her pj's were thrown on the floor next to her crib. I lifted up her blanket to make sure she still had her diaper on. She did, thankfully for that duct tape. She has been found naked on numerous occasions and sometimes is drenched in urine. Luckily tonight is not one of those nights. I turned and left their room shutting the door behind me. Then shutting the light and I went back downstairs to finish my blog entry. The coughing has now stopped.

Home Improvements

What's the one thing your dream home must have? Two dishwashers. I am constantly using my dishwasher and there are days that I not only run it once a day, it's ran twice a day. When the children were babies it was ran so many times that we actually had to replace the one which came with the house and it was only 5 years old at that time! I still put everything in my dishwasher except for my pots and pans. I forever wish I had dishwasher safe pots though. I so hate doing the dishes night after night.

What's the one thing you would change about your current home? New bed, couch? New carpet or wallpaper? Or something major like an addition? We built our home 7 years ago and the one thing I wish we had done was put the extension on our garage. We only got the 2 car garage. To add the 3rd car extension at the time it would have been only a $10,000 option but to do it now it would be $30,000. That's a big difference in price. At the time we fit both our cars in the garage but now that the children are here one part of the garage we store the children's unused stuff and now only one of our cars can fit into the garage. My goal this coming summer is to clean out the garage to get our other car back into the garage again.

Do you ever watch home improvement shows? I used to watch home improvement shows when I didn't have any children. HGTV was my favorite channel at that time. But now that I have the children the Noggin channel is on most of the day and at night I only have time to watch whatever TIVO taped for me. Usually Days of Our Lives and then maybe one or two shows like Desperate House Wives, Scrubs, ER and According to Gym. Don't have any more time to watch shows.

My Motto

What would your motto be for the place you're at in your life right now? Is it different than it would have been five years ago? 10? 20?
mot·to (n.) pl. mot·toes or mot·tos
1. A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal. A short, suggestive expression of a guiding principle.
2. A sentence, phrase, or word of appropriate character inscribed on or attached to an object.
3. A maxim adopted as a guide to one's conduct.
Today's Motto: The children drive me crazy, I drive them everywhere else. My children are at the terrible two stage where they fight all day long and have tantrums often. Some days I feel like I'm losing my mind. If we stay at home it is torture for both me and the children. So I try to take them out as much as I can and those days seem to be much better. Like today wasn't that bad at all. We did a lot of activity today. We went to the library for sing/dance and then in the afternoon we went to the park to see animals (frogs, turtles and snakes). It was a lot of fun for both me and the children. This is a photo of Victoria before she touched the turtle. Justin touched a snake yet I didn't get the photo. I think they all had a great day.

My motto was different 5 years ago (2002) because at that time I was dealing with infertility issues so it wasn't my children driving me crazy but the wanting of children was the issue at that time in my life: So my motto at that time would be: “Good things come to people who wait”. See I waited and waited so G_d blessed us with triplets two years later in 2004.

10 years ago (1997). "Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will shelter the other. Now, you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now, there will be no more loneliness, now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you." At this time in my life I would have been a newlywed. The quote I chose for that time in my life was actually a quote that was read at my wedding.

20 years ago (1987). "To love and be loved is the greatest joy on this earth." I met my husband in November 1987 when I was in high school. Wow, I just realized that I've been with my husband for almost 20 years. I've been out of school for that long? Anyway, I chose a love quote for my motto for that time. I had dated other boys before finding my husband but it was love at first sight when I met my husband.

Another Digital Freebie

Click on image above to go to website where you can download this mini kit for free.


It's been a bit hectic the last couple of days. Today my day didn't end until midnight! Since we had the day light savings time the bedtime for the triplets has been moved slightly. It used to be 7 pm but now that the sun is still shining at 7 we aren't going to bed until 7:30 - 8 which has been putting a damper on my free time. After cleaning up the kitchen and sitting down to make out my shopping list it was 9 pm. Off to the supermarket to do my shopping. Why do shopping trips take me 2 hours? Even with a shopping list and meals planned why did I spend more than I normally do? I thought meal planning would help? I always wind up with 2 shopping carts filled with food. What is the secret of just getting one cart? I came home at 11 pm and then putting all the groceries away and cleaning out the fridge it is now midnight! Check my e-mails takes another hour. Guess I won't be going to bed at a decent hour! Tomorrow is a big day. We are going to the library for sing/dance and then back home for lunch/nap and then off again to the park for a National Reserve animal see and touch with the MOMS club. I wasn't going to do both but then decided that my kids would love to see the animals and just don't want them missing out. Well, off to bed I should be heading now as I have a crock pot meal planned for tomorrow yet I have to do some prep work beforehand. Why did I pick a recipe that requires more work? Hey, at least I planned 5 meals for this week which is a big to do as I hardly ever plan meals and have all the ingredients. Planning meals is a major issue that I need to resolve to make my life easier. Next month the MOMS club night out will be at the super supers. This is something new in our area where you can make meals and then bring them home to freeze for the week. It cost a lot but hey, they do all the shopping and it will be only 2 hours to prepare all these meals. Can't wait!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another cool Freebie

Found this cool digital freebie for cats and dogs. Not only does she have the wordart above but she has some other kits there as well for cats and dogs. Check it out here

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Forget Me Not

You can now purchase Bonnie Van Esch's Designs at Snap and Scrap I am on Bonnie's Creative Team. Here is a layout I did using her Forget Me Not kit above.


Digital Freebies

Found these lovely digital freebies. If you click on the images it will bring you to the website where they are offering them for free. You may have to register with the website but you only have to do that once. Click on the images to bring you to the download pages.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

MOMs Club Regional Luncheon

Stacy, Trish, Lisa, Caroline, Me, Jennifer
Today was the eleventh annual Northeast Regional MOMs club luncheon. I've been preparing for months for this event. Doing scrapbook pages for the MOMs club album and working on the tri-fold display for the table. I picked out my clothes the night before and ironed them. I set my clock for 6 am. Lisa was picking me up at 7:45 am. I figured I'd have an hour to shower and 45 minutes to prepare dinner (corned beef and cabbage) since it is St. Patricks day. However, my alarm never went off!

My mom woke me up at 7:30 am. Meanwhile, Lisa arrived early to pick me up. OMG! I have never overslept in my entire life. I frantically dressed, quickly brushed my teeth and hair and ran down the stairs to leave. I was literally embarrassed that I wasn't ready. Could it be I am feeling just way overwhelmed with all that I have been doing. Lack of sleep and it's just catching up? Maybe my body is telling me to slow down you need your rest. You are not in your 20's any more. More like near my older 30's.

There were only 6 of us from 50 members who attended. We all carpooled. We did not win an award for table display. The one which won was a big fish tank that had motorized moveable fishes in it. The stuff donated for the auction were fantastic. There were themes gift baskets like Game Night which were piles and piles of board games, Spa packages, Book packages, Rainy day items such as a big umbrella with tons of toys, a BBQ with chairs and all BBQ stuff, baby baskets, wagons filled with toys, beach bags with beach stuff, the list can go on and on. I was amazed at the stuff that was auctioned off. I did not win anything in the auction, however, Stacy did win a little car filled with outdoor kid activities and Trish won the table centerpiece which was a chocolate treasure chest.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Book Recommendation

Did you think I only had children book recommendations? No I don't read novels as I don't have time but I do read self help and art type books. Lately, I've been reading lots of scrapbooking, art type journal books. This one I couldn't get at the library because they did not have it so I purchased it at amazon here. It was originally recommended by Amy from creative mom podcast. I've been reading it a little each day and really enjoying each page. Just wish I had more time to implement their recommendations. I so want to start a art journal.

Recommendations: Children Books and DVDs

I stumbled upon this DVD at the library. My children so love this video. It's all about songs about animals. Unfortunately, we have this DVD for only a week and it has to go back to the library. I may have to purchase this video as they love it so much.

You can get it at amazon here

I'm always looking for videos and audio tapes to entertain them. If I come across any more have to have tapes I'll post them at my blog. The library has been becoming a weekly activity for us lately.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

This is a very cute book to read to the kids. It's a fun story to read.

You can purchase at Amazon here

Bear Snores On
by Karma Wilson

I had this book last week from the library and had to return it as they only give you 3 weeks to have it. Well, my kids are asking for the bear. They loved this book so much. I may have to purchase this one as well.

Amazon link.

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

This is an interactive type of book where you get the children to do different things such as shake your arms, turn your head, wiggle your toes, etc. etc. The kids had a blast playing along plus the artwork is really cool.

Amazon Link.


Ha! Ha! Just joking. The journal prompt today is:

You have just won one million dollars!

Who do you call first? First, I probably would call my husband as he's always working and lately we communicate via the telephone even though he works in our house in our basement he's like never around. We use an intercom system a lot. Then the next person to call would probably be my mom. We usually talk at least once a day. She lives an hour away and we only see her once a week but besides that we speak on the telephone to update about our daily activities.

What is the first thing you buy for yourself? I would pay off our credit cards. Most of our cards are maxed out due to when my husband was out of work and we had used all our savings up so had to rely on credit cards to get through a couple of months of unemployment. Now, the finance charges are really killing us. I doubt we'll ever get these cards paid off. Winning a million dollars would definately help.

What is the first thing you buy for someone else? I would buy my niece a swing set for her back yard one with a slide.

Do you give any away? If yes, to whom? I would give some to the synagogue and renew our membership. Right now we had to cancel our membership due to lack of income.

Do you invest any? If so, how? Invest? After taxes as they'd take about half there and then paying off our credit cards I doubt there will be anything left! But if there was we'd put some into our IRAs and I'm sure my husband would want some to go back into the stock market as he had to sell his shares last year after we used up our savings and then his stocks and then our credit cards when he was unemployed. We may even put some aside for the children's college fund because right now they have none. We are struggling just to get them into preschool. I can't imagine how it's going to be when they go to college.

Bonnie's Kits are on sale

I am on Bonnie's Creative Team and her kits are selling here.

Sale at DSP

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Sale!

15% off select items
Join us for 3 days O' savings where you receive 15% off select products with the word "green" in their description.
When: March 16th through March 19th, sale ends Midnight EST

Broken Rules

Write about 5 "rules" you break with some regularity.

1. Go to bed early. I say every night I need to go to bed at a decent hour. Yet, here I am sitting up on my computer either checking e-mails or digital scrapbooking. Problem is that by the time I get the kitchen cleaned up it's 10 pm and then that's when I have some free time to myself. So really I'd rather be creative then sleeping. Most nights I stay up till 2 pm. That's the time I actually finish what I am working on.

2. Plan Meals. I so need to start planning my meals and grocery lists weekly. I do shop on a weekly basis, however, I don't plan my meals. When it is time to make dinner I'm always struggling to get something made in what little time I have to prepare it. Meanwhile, my kids are snacking on snacks and by the time the meal is ready they won't eat it because they are full from crackers or pretzels. I have tons of magazines and cook books but they are just not organized. I started to put recipes into a 8 x 11 notebook divided into categories so if I want to make a recipe again I can go to that notebook. Most times I'm missing an ingredient and then I'm searching the internet and most meals are over an hour long to make. It just doesn't work for me. Will it ever get any easier?

3. Stay on top of the laundry. I used to have a teenager helper that came 3 times a week to help me with the children's laundry. She would fold it and put it away. But now that she is no longer with us I am always behind on the laundry. The children have 2 laundry baskets. One on the first floor and one on the 2nd floor. Since my girls always take their cloths off in the middle of the night (I know use duct tape and put the pjs on backwards) which I do but they still manage to escape their cloths and pee in their bed so I'm forever changing sheets and blankets on a daily basis. I wound up purchasing an extra sheet set so if I do get behind on laundry at least I can rely on the back up.

4. Junk Mail! The amount of mail we receive daily is really outrageous. We receive at least one or two bills a day and then about 10 pieces of junk mail and magazines. Most of junk mail is from credit cards offering us other incentives that I have to shred. In New Jersey we have to recycle all our paper which includes junk mail so I shred anything that has our names on it. This can get overwhelming at times when I have a basket that piles up with all this junk! Not to mention magazines that I can't possible read because there is not enough time in the day to read them.

5. Decluttering. I so need to declutter my house. I say it all the time. I try to follow flylady but then get sidetracked and overwhelmed by all the stuff we have. My garage we used to be able to have 2 cars in it. But now since the children are here we can only fit in one car and the other side is filled with stuff we don't really need any more like strollers, high chairs, toys etc. I know have a garage sale but who has the time! I just put out an e-mail to the MOMs club to see if they know of any consignment shops so I can get rid of this stuff and maybe one day we'll get our 2nd car back into the garage.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Make It Mine Photo Purse

I went shopping. I know I shouldn't have but I could not resist. I got this really cute purse where you can display your scrapbook pages. They have two different sizes to choose from now. 10 x 8 and 5 x 7. I purchased the 10 x 8 and love it.

I just completed 2 pages for my purse. Here is what I will be carrying on my purse this month. I plan on changing it monthly or seasonally.



You can purchase the purses here.

I know for a fact my mom's going to love this when she sees it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Delight in Life

I made this 2 page for my friend's circle journal. The theme was attitude. The quotes read:

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day." Author unknown

"If you don't like something change it: If you can't change it, change the way you think about it." Mary Engelbreit

"Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats." Voltaire

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault

"It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to." Annie Gottlier


I have to have a positive attitude to make it through the days. Most days I am treading water just counting the moments to bedtime. Raising triplets on my own is really hard work. People ask me, "How do you do it?" My answer is, "I just do. I have no choice, I just do what I need to do day after day." Most days it is just work. I've been trying more lately to enjoy what I am doing. A hug and a kiss from the little ones or just a smile from their face makes it all worth it in the end.


Which is worse, being sick or having sick kids/loved ones?
It is worse when my husband is sick. If I am sick I can still manage to run the household as much as I can but when my husband is sick it's like the end of the world. I just don't know why men are such babies.

Which is worse, throwing up or having sick kids/loved ones throwing up upon you?
I think they are all horrible. But the worst one would be when the kids throw up and you have to clean it up. At least when I or my husband throw up we throw up in the toilet so not much cleaning is needed. When kids throw up the smell makes me gag and I have to really hold my breath to not throw up myself. It's the worst feeling.

Which is worse, being up all night because you're sick, or being up all night because someone else is sick? Being up all night because I am sick is worse because then I can't get rest while the kids are awake. My day still goes on the following day. There is really no breaks in my house unless my mom comes to the rescue. There were many times I had to call my mom because I just couldn't go on without having help.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out of the Loop

Out-- Are you getting out and about lately? ...or is school/the weather/work/illness keeping you cooped up inside? Oh man am I getting out. If you looked at my calendar you would not see one day that didn't have something written down on it. I can't believe how busy we've been lately. It can be very stressful at times but the days go by so much faster when we have activities to do and the kids don't get on my nerves as much as if we were cooped up in the house. I'm glad the weather is getting nicer out so soon our activites will be geared to the outdoors.

of the-- Blue? Does the Winter season 'get to you'? ...or do you handle it as well as you do Summer? Oh, I hate winter. Why, well, I hate to be cooped up and I so hate the cold. I hate to be bundled up. Well, I hate to be hot too! So summer and winter is not my favorites. I'd much rather stay in the fall and spring months. Today it was in the 60's outside and it was really nice. You still needed to wear a coat but it was one of the warmer days to be outside. We went to the park today. The kids enjoy being outside.

Loop-- Hey, Spring is coming; do you have a loop you drive or walk to check out the scenery? What do you see when you're out and about? I don't have a loop that I drive around. I do take the kids for a walk around the block on occasion. Today when we were driving to my in-laws I really was searching for flowers yet I did not see anything. The grasses are still that brown color and the trees are still naked. Really no sight of spring except for the sun and warmer weather. I so wanted to take photos of flowers but did not come across any today.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wished it Wasn't Invented

What are three things you wish were never invented?

1. junk food. My children are always eating. They eat all day long, however, sometimes they don't eat their meals because they had a snack of crackers or cookies an hour before dinner or lunch or whatever. I know I probably would waste away if I didn't have my junk food as I too tend to go for a bag of chips before I would reach for a piece of fruit or a vegetable. But if junk food wasn't around I would have no other choice but to grab that fruit or veggie.

2. Taxes. It's amazing how much the government takes from us. Not only do they tax your income which you worked so hard to earn, you are taxed on your property, all items you purchase, etc. etc. It's like it never ends. Property tax gets raised yearly. I think we are the most highest taxed in the state on our house. When I tell people how much we are paying they all say, OMG that's crazy! The worst part is that if we sell our house and move to another township the quality of the house would be less and the schools would be worse. It wouldn't be so bad if we had the kids in school then I would feel like we were benefiting from our taxes but right now our kids don't attend school.

3. Potty chairs. I've been training the kids on the mini potty chairs but now when I want them to sit on the big toilet they refuse and want to use the little chairs. Changing diapers is one thing but cleaning out a bucket of poop is not too fun. Can't wait till this potty training is over with. I've had enough of this crap! literally!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have to go for a Mammogram because I have family history of breast cancer. Yes, I'm only age 37. Normal people go at age 40. But because I have a family history I have to go earlier.

Oh my! This is so funny. Click here.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Passed 100 Layouts

I passed 100 layouts for 2007. I'm well on my way to my goal of 400 for the year. Go Laura Go!

SNL - Saturday Night Live

This is going to sound silly but my husband wanted to know what SNL was because he saw a folder on my computer labeled SNL. He thought I was downloading the old shows from tv. As if I would watch those old shows. Ha! Ha! Anyway, what is SNL? It's a group of women at DSP ( that create their own digital elements and kits. Each month we have a theme and a color theme to work with. I've been participating since November 2006 when the theme was Christmas. This month the theme is Spring. You can read more about it here. Once you submit your kit you then have access to all the other kits that the ladies have done that month. It's amazing how all these ladies have different ideas for the colors and themes. If you want to start creating please join us as we'd love to have you.


Remember yesterday I was looking for my Stampin' Up spiril punch. Well, guess what? I found it. Where was it? Well, you will not believe it. It was with all my other punches yet the punch was faced backwards so I couldn't see the image when I originally was looking for it. I have my SU punches in a hanging shoe type bag on the back of my door. My other punches are in my iris carts sorted by size of punch. Anyway just wanted to fill you in that I have found it.

New Website

I just was told about this really cool website called I just spent about an hour looking at everything that people were selling up there. It's like an ebay type sight but everything here is homemade. I'm considering purchasing some things. I found some really cool aprons for the kids for when they are coloring and painting. This sight is going to be dangerous. Well, I'm going back to look some more. Just wanted to share.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Questions Not to Ask Mother of Triplets

This is written on a t-shirt at Cafe Press. You can purchase it here.

Top 5 Triplet Questions
1. Did you know you were having that many?
A - Yes, we learned from ultrasound very early
B - It was a complete surprise
C - We think they gave us a couple extra at the hospital.

2. Were you using fertility drugs?
A - yes. Are you having similar problems?
B - Nope. There times in one night! Yee-Haw!!!!
C - Don't you think that's an awfully personal question?

3. How do you handle three at once?
A - One diaper at a time
B - One college account at a time
C - Who said we are handling it?

4. What are their names?
A - ______, _______ and _____.
B - ______, _______ and _____.
C - You, Hey You, and You over there.

5. Do you have help?
A - Yes, from our church.
B - Yes, from our family.
C - Currently accepting applications.

"You do have help don't you?"
People must either assume:
A - We are made of money because we have triplets
B - I can't handle them myself (or must not think I am doing a good job)
C - Raising triplets is a piece of cake if you do have help. (LOL)

It has just really been bugging me how people who don't have multiples assume that you
must have Help. Worse is the inferrence that people who do have help are in some way
inferior to those of us who are forced to "go it alone".

I just have to say Help or No Help. Kudos to all Moms of Multiples who find a way to raise
happy kids and who survive each day one day at a time. I'm living proof that you can do it alone!


Something that really annoys me is when I can't find something. I preordered the spiral punch from Stampin' Up last month as I'm a Stampin' Up demo and it's one of the benefits that you can order things early. I used it once to put some papers into my journal and now when I need it to add something to my journal I can't seem to find it. It's not with all my other hundreds of punches that I already have. It's such a cool punch as it makes holes in paper so you can add pages to any spiril bound journal or book. I wanted to add the 2nd week of artists way questions to my journal so I can bring my book with me to the doctor's office today so I have something to do while waiting to be seen. Where oh where did I put it? I checked my bedroom where I have my morning journal and looked on my book case NOT THERE! I checked my craft room with my punches, on top of my work desk, on my computer desk, NOT THERE! I then came down to my kitchen desk where I do most of my on line journaling and printing. NOT THERE! Where is it? If I can't find it I will definately have to order a new one but I hate to do that because once I do I will turn up and then I'll have TWO! I guess having 2 of them wouldn't be that bad. I could have one in my office and one at my kitchen desk. I just want to find the one I already have. Guess it's not going to happen right now though as I have to get the kids up for bed and feed them and then leave for the doctors appointment.

Feeling very annoyed!

I wish someone had told me

Begin your entry with "I wish someone had told me..."

I wish someone had told me that digital scrapbooking would be so addictive.
I wish someone had told me that I would have sleepless nights once I learned how to use adobe photoshop elements.
I wish someone had told me that there was a chance I could have triplets.
I wish someone had told me not to stay up late.
I wish someone had told me that I would be raising these kids alone.
I wish someone had told me the easiest way to keep the house clean.
I wish someone had told me how to handle tantrum toddlers.
I wish someone had told me how to back up my files. Note: I have a new harddrive yet it just sits there waiting for my husband to show me how to backup my files. I sure hope my computer doesn't crash before it gets backed up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

20 Things I Enjoy Doing

List 20 things you enjoy doing! When was the last time you did these things? Put a date to each of them. This list can be a resource for artist dates. I am going to list them in no particular order just the way I think of them.

1. Watch my soap opera (Days of our Lives). Last episode I watched was Monday's, however, I have tivo so the other shows are taped so I can watch them when I have free time. I never miss an episode and I love to fast forward the commercials. GO TIVO!

2. Checking e-mails. I belong to many different yahoo groups and receive hundreds of e-mails on a daily basis. I check them all day long. The last time I checked was about 1/2 hour ago. I do, however, have 2 e-mail accounts though. One which I check frequently like I mentioned and one which I check maybe once a month and this one is where all the spam goes so there can be over 1,000 e-mails in that account. It's amazing how much spam I get there. Note to self need to clean out that account more often.

3. Digital scrapbook. I enjoy making page after page on my computer. I am a frequent scrapper though as I tend to make a page or two each day. The last one I made was today before lunch time. My goal is to reach 400 pages like I did for last year. So far I think I'm at 90 so I'm way on my way!

4. Listening to music. No not the songs from Barney or the alphabet songs. I mean real music adult music. When I am without the kids I like to blast regular music. My husband almost died when he got in his car the other day as I had the radio blasting. I actually have iTunes playing right now. I have cordless earphones so I can blast the music without waking up the kids as they are in bed sleeping.

5. Blogging. Yes, I like to blog on a daily basis. I love going to DSP here for the daily blog prompt and then write. I maintain 2 blogs. One which is for my children's scrapbook pages and one which is a personal blog. I update them both on a daily basis. I'm updating right now.

6. Take a crap in private. Okay, are you laughing yet? Well, now that we are potty training it's like I never get time alone in the bathroom unless they are sleeping! I find myself holding it until they are sleeping and sometimes this is not possible.

7. Eat a bag of Cherry Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers. I purchase a bag a week. It's my favorite candy. I am actually eating it now as I'm blogging.

8. Take a long hot shower. I took one this morning but lately it has been like a really quick shower because I have to be somewhere and I hate to be late. Man, I can't remember the last time I took a real long one. Need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to do this.

9. Drink a starbucks white chocolate mocha coffee. Man, when was the last time I had it? I think it was back in Sept when my friend came to visit and brought me one. We do not have a drive through near and getting out of the car with three toddlers is literally impossible. I used to have them back when I was working before the children were born. Oh, they are so yummy. Speaking of yummy I think I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate.

10. Eat brownies. Oh, it has to be the type that is like fudge. Really sweet and has like fudge frosting on top. I hate cake like brownies. Oh, and it has to have nuts too. I make this to die for brownies with marshmallows. Yes, it's fatening so I don't make it that often. Okay, why am I thinking of brownies now? It must be this hot chocolate I'm now drinking. The last time I made the brownies was around Christmas time or was it thanksgiving? Think I need to make some soon.

11. Read. I read every day mostly blogs, e-mails and children's books at story time but to really sit down and read a novel. I can't tell you how long it's been since I read a novel. Yes, I've taken out books from the library but it's mainly self-help books on parenting, potty training and the most recent books I have taken out were books on journaling and photoshop elements. Just wish I had more time in a day so I can fit in everything I'd like to accomplish in a day. When I was working in the city I would commute via train and I had plenty of time to read then but now that I have children reading a novel is so hard to do.

12. Go Horseback riding. I think horses are such beautiful animals and I love going horseback riding. The last time I went was on a vacation back in Antiqua. I rode a horse on the beach. It was a lot of fun. Of course, my husband won't go on a horse because horseback riding can be very painful. He! He! Let's see my trip to Antiqua would have to be about maybe 6-7 years ago.

13. Go to a spa and have a massage. I recently went to a spa for a MOMs night out and had a chair massage where they do only your upper back. This was like 3 weeks ago. But the last time I got a full massage would have to be in 1995 when I was on a cruise to Puerto Rico. I have a gift cert that I received for my birthday from my triplet mom friends that I plan on using very soon. Thank you guys for thinking of me.

14. Bowling. Yes, I used to be on a league before the children, of course. I think I liked it so much so because when I was growing up my mom was always on a bowling team. I wasn't very good only had like a 130 average. Man, when was the last time I went bowling. It's been over 7 years I think. It's been on my mind lately but mainly bumper bowling for the kids has been on my mind. Maybe I should suggest it for a moms night out.

15. Rubber stamping. I enjoy making cards mostly. On occasion I would use rubber stamping on my scrapbooking pages. The last time I stamped was like last week when I was working on the MOMs club scrapbook. Yes, I'm paper scrapping the MOMs club photos. I am a Stampin' Up Demo. Once a month I attend my upline's stamp workshop. I really need to start having workshops in my house again. I made my quota this quarter but next quarter starting in April I need to hold workshops to stay active. I'm finding that now that I'm scrapping digitally I really don't need to purchase so much and $300 is a lot to purchase myself especially since I am not working.

16. Watching movies. I am a member of netflix so we get movies quite often. Sometimes we watch them quickly and then other times they sit and sit for weeks. The greatest thing about netflix is that you don't have to return them at a certain time so no late fees. I hated blockbuster because of the late fees. The last movie we watched was Crank. That was about 3 weeks ago.

17. Take pictures. I do this mainly on a daily basis. Last time I took photos was today at the library during story time. I have to take photos to scrapbook.

18. Chatting. I don't like to chat on the phone. I like to chat in chatrooms. I mainly go to the DSP chat room on Thurs nights to chat with other digital scrapbook addicts. It's where I can give ideas about new kits and even get an attendance freebie sometimes. It's also where I get my challenges for the week.

19. Did I mention I like challenges? Scrapbook challenges. It really motivates me to get scrapping done. I find challenges on many different websites. DSP is where I mainly go first but once I finish the ones from there and am in need for more challenges I tend to wonder to other websites.

20. Listen to Creative Mom Podcast. I like to listen after the kids are in bed. I love to hear Amy's children talk. I really need to send her an e-mail to see how she manages to get her kids to say things on queque like she does. I haven't yet listened to all her podcasts but from time to time I download a new one. I just listened to Episode 28 tonight. It was a Christmas episode. I really like her idea of making bookmarks. Maybe I'll do something like that when the kids turn 3 and send bookmarks this christmas out. I have a xyron so I'm sure I can make them laminated and I'm hoping that by the end of the year my children will be more artistic.