Monday, March 05, 2007

5 Things

Name at least 5 things in your life that are important to you that begin with the same letter.

1. conjugality - (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of marriage: conjugal vows.)

2. children - (of course, my triplets)

3. cats - (2 fur children Diamonds and Rocky)

4. computer - (my computer is the only thing that keeps me sane)

5. chocolate - (must have chocolate brownies now and then)


loonyhiker said...

Darn I left off chococolate! How could I do that? Great list and I love your first word! By the way, you are my hero!!! I can't stand food shopping with my hubby but I can't imagine doing it with children like you do! I would be ramming someone with the buggy! I wonder if your kids are grabbing things off the shelves like mine did? I was always amazed when I went to check out what was in my buggy!

carinc said...

Also a great C list - I would've added chocolate to mine but I am am desperately trying to get off caffeine (another C)!