Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things that Bug Me

Thur 1/17 Blog Prompt

Are you up for another interactive prompt? I thought that since on Monday we did 'Things that make us smile', maybe today we could do...

Things that bug us. Make a list, then when the everyone else posts, cross off things that more than one person listed.

In no particular order:
1. Nagging
2. Toys on the floor
3. No one listens when asked to do something.
4. Arriving Late
5. Traffic
6. The gas light coming on when I'm already late for work (happened today)
7. When people don't check their e-mail.
8. Piles and piles of dirty laundry - running out of clean underwear and towels
9. Dirty dishes in the sink in the morning
10. When my cat walks on the keyboard
11. When my battery on the camera dies
12. The ringing of the telephone
13. Running out of toner when you need to print something.
14. When you cook for over an hour and the meal comes out awful.
15. The constant fighting in my house
16. The constant bad news coming in the mail.
17. When you are shopping and the cell phone doesn't work
18. Clutter in every room
19. Snow (I hate snow!)
20. spam e-mails
21. Junk mail
22. Rude comments when you are out in public about having triplets
23. Missing out on a sale
24. Not getting coupons in my Sunday paper
25. Being cold

I just got the mail on the front cover of WIRED Magazine (my husband's) Feb 08 issue it says:

The 33 Things that make us Crazy by Sarah Silverman

Traffic (crossing off mine)
Junk Mail (crossing off mine)
Printers (crossing off mine)
Spam Filters (crossing off mine)
Air Travel
Batteries (crossing off mine)
Credit cards
Web Video
and more....


Tink said...

That is a list worth being peeved about. Hope the little princess is feeling better now and doesn't plan on leaving home.

loonyhiker said...

These were awesome! I spent the time nodding as I read, thinking oh, that bugs me too!

Bonnie said...

What on earth could people say about your triplets?? (you said you get rude comments about them when you are out) That is awful! your children are beautiful and so what if you have three! I like your list-a lot of those things bug me too!