Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tues Blog Prompt 1/15

Post a quote that you like and write about why it means something to you.

If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today. ~E. Joseph Cossman

One year ago? What in the world was I doing? I was not working. The kids were not going to school but they were receiving speech therapy. We were still members of the MOMS Club. We were still attending MOPS meetings but went to a different chapter. We were also attending story time at the library at least once a week. I did not remember this on my own. I had to look at the calendar from last year. Luckily I did not throw it away quite yet. Maybe I should transfer my schedule to my Palm (the thing I never carry around but use on my computer) and get rid of the 2007 big calendar with the recycling this week. 2008 note to self to use the palm more often.

One year ago - Jan 15, 2007 - Speech therapy. What was I worrying about? History: Prior to my kids being born Early Intervention was free in the state of NJ. Once my kids were born they changed the Early Intervention program. You now had to pay for services depending on your annual income. In 2006 when Victoria wasn't able to walk we were concerned. We called for her to get evaluated. As they did the evaluation we also had the other 2 tested as well. All 3 had delays. So we got speech therapy for all 3 and Victoria got physical therapy to strengthen her muscles. The cost for all three services was about $50 a month. Affordable. Back to Jan 15, 2007. We received a letter. The letter stated that starting on Feb 1, 2007 there would be an increase of $300 per month for services! CRAZY right? We had the option of continuing service for $350 a month or canceling the service. So we decided to cancel the service. We just couldn't afford the additional cost per month. Not only was I worried about the bills and whether or not we should cancel the service I was worrying about whether the kids really needed speech. I had them tested again on Jan 30th, 2007 and Victoria passed but the other 2 still were still delayed but only slightly.

Fast forward to today. Justin is almost on track and Naomi we feel is still delayed. She struggles with little things like recognizing alphabet letters. Victoria and Justin can recognize letters and can spell their name. Naomi still cannot do so.


Monica said...

My girls were preemies, too and they received early intervention as babies. We didn't have to pay for ours...what a shame that your state changed their policy on that.

loonyhiker said...

I'm glad your children are doing better. I bet that you continue to do your own speech therapy with them which is why they continue to improve. You are a great mother!