Friday, January 25, 2008

Books to Read

Fri Blog Prompt 1/24

What's on your reading list? How many books are waiting in the queue?

I actually started to read a book called "Five-Star Families" by Carol Kuykendall. It's only 220 pages. I received it from my friend at MOPS as part of my Christmas present. I brought the book with me to the movie theatre this week and as I waited for my friends to come I read 28 pages. That's a first for me. I normally don't have any time to read. Now, the question is, Will I finish the book? Or should the question be When will I finish this book?

There are many books waiting to be read. I think I have about 10 Nora Roberts books sitting on my shelf unread. I used to collect books. Some in book stores and some at yard sales. I mainly read by author so if you looked at my collection you would see lots of books with the same authors.

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Tink said...

We normally read by author as well (sure makes organizing easy, LOL). It won't be long until you have the time to read and then you will get all caught up.