Friday, January 25, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

Thur 1/24 Blog Prompt: Is it coffee or tea for you in the morning? Give some free advertising for your favorite morning pick-me-up.

I like to drink coffee. We get the Maxwell House French Vanilla coffee. Then we put coffee mate liquid vanilla. My husband makes the coffee in the morning and sometimes he will put whipped cream on top too. I only drink a cup a day and sometimes I don't even get that one cup. It really depends on what I have to do for the day. I like to drink coffee when I'm at home relaxing while reading all the blogs that I read. Unfortunately, I cannot drink coffee if I plan on going somewhere. The main reason is because when I drink coffee I have to be around a bathroom and being stuck in a car when I need to go is not fun! Sorry if that's too much information.

For some apparent reason tea makes me sick. I guess when I think of tea it reminds of the time when I threw up right after drinking it. I know it could have been just a stomach bug or the fact that I didn't eat anything that caused me to throw up. I just don't want to have that feeling again so I tend to stay away from tea in the morning at least.


loonyhiker said...

I imagine chasing after 3 young'uns calls for coffee...very strong coffee! LOL I once got sick after eating a hot dog and couldn't eat one for about 20 years without feeling sick so I know how you feel about tea. I guess I'm over it now because I can eat them again!

glynis said...

That may be too much info, but you're not alone. I didn't coffee for days when we drove from here to Oregon last year because hubby doesn't want to have to about killed me!! :)

Bonnie said...

I also like to have coffee in the morning, it wakes me up and gets me going. But I daren't drink it at night or I will be awake all night long! I will have a cup of tea at night, but the rest of the time I drink juice or water.