Saturday, January 12, 2008

Project 365 in 2008 - Photo of the Day 12

What did I do prior to scrapbooking? Back in 1995 when I got married my husband worked 24/7 and told me to get a hobby so I wouldn't be alone so much. I took classes on how to quilt. I started many projects and have many UFO's (unfinished objects). I learned both hand quilting and machine quilting. I finished a few projects. My very first project turned out to be a table runner that I gave to my mom one mother's day. I wanted it to be a queen size quilt but doing this by hand it took me over 3 years I think to complete it. I did complete some baby quilts too that I had given away as gifts. This photo is a quilt I actually made. The top design is done by me but I had it quilted professionally so now it's hanging on my banister. It's the only one that I have that I completed for myself. One day I will go in Justin's closet and pull out all the unfinished quilt squares and tops and maybe one day I will put them together but for now I continue to use all my free time doing my scrapbooking.

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