Saturday, January 05, 2008

Project 365 in 2008 - Photo of the Day 5

Do you have toddlers? Do you have mini chairs around your house? At any given time in my house you will see these little chairs all over my kitchen, bathroom, living room and play area. Why are they around the house? The kids use them to reach things such as items on the counter or to turn on the lights. They also use them to play train. They must have done that prior to my photo because you still see 3 chairs lined up around my kitchen island. This time I caught Naomi standing on one trying to get the remote for the tv. These little chairs get in the way especially when trying to cook. I am constantly moving them back to their mini table only find them again back in my kitchen later on. It's an endless battle that I probably will not win.


loonyhiker said...

What great memories to have of their childhood. Years from now you will remember how you had to move those chairs and it will make you nostalgic. I remember lying on my bed with my girls watching TV while my husband watched football on the other TV. I miss those days!

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I went blog surfing today, and yours caught my eye. My kids (now almost 9 and 11 years old) used to do that with the chairs all the time!!
I often caught my daughter on top of the chair trying to get on the kitchen cabinet to reach the peanut butter!! LOL Gotta love kids!!