Friday, December 08, 2006


After posting such a downer I thought and thought. I want to turn my thoughts to positive things so here is what I am thankful for

1. Thankful that no one was hurt in the car door accident. Luckily I or the kids were not in the car and it wasn't a driving accident. The car can be fixed.

2. Thankful that my husband has started a new job. He is very hard working and I trust that he will get us back on our feet.

3. Thankful for a loving husband. Wish we had more time to spend together though.

4. Thankful that my children are all healthy two year olds.

5. Thankful that my mom still comes by once a week to not only see the kids but to help me with my chores.

6. Thankful that we have doctors that we can trust with any medical issues we have.

7. Thankful for the internet and blogging where I can write all my worries and thoughts down so I don't keep it bottled up inside.

8. Thankful for my skills in scrapbooking as that too has been a major therapy to releave some stress.

9. Thankful for digitalscrapbookplace (DSP) where I have become very active in all the challenges and activites while my husband works and I have a moment to myself.

10. Thankful for the Triplet mom's clubs, MOPs Club and MOMs club where I have met other mothers who are stay at home moms dealing with the same issues I face every day.

11. Thankful for my Stampin up upline Meredith who teaches me new things every month. I so look forward to her nights out.

So, you see, there are many things I am thankful for.


Beth Nixon said...

Toddlers are hard. Being at home is hard. You should be SO proud of yourself for being able to write such a long positive list. There are days when I'm much more on the negative list. It made me smile to see you balance your bad with the good. I need to do that too!

Ann said...

What a wonderful way to lift yourself up....counting your blessings! You will make it through and your kids will be blessed for having a mom who is strong enough to say "this stinks; I'm tired" and then just keeps on keepin' on!! {hug}

Anonymous said...

First off after reading both of your posts...YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOTHER!!!!!!! you are on the other hand don't beat yourself up...losing your temper unfortunatly comes with the territory!! But apologizing at least shows your remorse!! And just remember that everyone out there loses their tempers aren't the only one! :):) That and something I always tell myself...there is always someone out there that has it worse or just plain acts worse than I ever would...I pat you on the back...I only have one little one (3) I have no idea how you do it with 3 :)

P.S. I did have a blogger account and really wanted to leave you a comment but now I'm here

I'll refrain from posting comments in the future if you would like...just let me know.

glynis said...

I love listing my's such a great way to put things in perspective!

Toni said...

I love that you turned all that things that are difficult for you right now into a positive. Don't forget to find time to look after you as well, 3 under 3 has got to be an unbelievable handful along with all the joy and reward they bring. HUGS to you, keep on smiling and we'll see you at DSP. (ToniNZ)

loonyhiker said...

This was great. I have a little journal that I try every morning to list 5 things that I'm thankful for each day. It helps me start the day off right. I find myself waking up thinking about what 5 things I want to put in my Thankful book.