Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Gifts

What if Christmas didn't require giving gifts? Would it still be the same? Oh, I so wish there was no such thing as gift giving during the holidays. It is so stressful trying to pick out gifts for everyone every year especially if you are lacking funds to do so. Okay, December for me was a very stressful time when I married my husband back 11 years ago. You see, we celebrated two different holidays at that time. I would put up the tree and get no help. We would wind up fighting and I would be in tears over decorating. So I began to dread the holidays because it was like this year after year. Four years ago I decided to convert. I did a year of studying and finally converted in December 2003. I donated my tree and all the decorations to the church as I already posted earlier this week. Anyway, once all that was removed from my house it was like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. No more fights and no more tears over decorating. We still, however, have to get gifts for everyone but this year we are only getting the children so it's a bit easier.

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