Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Favorite Childhood Cartoon and TV Show

I don't remember any cartoons that I watched while I was growing up except for the Flintstones and Tom and Jerry but I didn't watch them on a regular basis.

I think my favorite tv show would have to be the Brady Bunch. I must have seen every episode. I liked the show so much that when my parents asked me what I would like my little sister's name to be I gladly said, "Cindy". My sisters name is actually Cynthia but for short we call her Cindy. Hey, sis, if you are reading this, yeah your name probably came from the show I used to watch at age 6.


glynis said...

I loved the Brady Bunch too--I always related to Jan for some reason, even though I was the oldest. Must be self-esteem problems :)

suzannecwalker said...

THAT is SO COOL!! You got to name your own sister!!!!!!!!1 Don't tell my girls that, because the little Charlie-guy would be Analise!

Cindy Lorenzo said...

Oh is that why my name was Cindy. I used to get teased in school being called Cindy Brady and I hated it.