Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cooking Skills 11 Years Ago

When I got married over 11 years ago I hardly knew how to cook. Of what I remember growing up my dad did most of the cooking and when he didn't I remember ordering out a lot. I remember pizza deliveries, chinese food, chicken or whatever being delivered to the house. Of course, my mom said she cooked yet why is it I don't remember her cooking? Oh, it could be I'm losing my memory as I have been forgetting about things lately. Luckily I'm not alone here as I have spoken with other triplet moms and they too are having memory problems. It could be caused by mommy brain they call it from having way too many children. Okay, now stop laughing.

Anyway, I have learned a lot by taking cooking classes at the local supermarket and I have also watched tons of food network shows. While on maternity leave I think that's all I ever watched was the food network. My favorite cooks would be Paula Deen and Giada De Laurentiis. I have also watched Rachael Ray but I find that yes her meals are quick 30 minutes but I can't find the ingredients to make it or that it's not to my family's liking. Our family are very picky eaters. No fish of any kind. We no longer eat pork. So we are left with chicken and beef. My husband won't eat any veggies but yet has to have a meat for every meal. So the meal planning thing is a major struggle that I face almost every day. "What's for Dinner?" is a question I get asked often and I tell you there are days I just don't know what to feed us and luckily those are the days we have take out - pizza or chinese as that's the only thing that delivers here in our area.


loonyhiker said...

My hubby is picky too. No left overs, no frozen foods (I don't tell him anyway). He has to have meat also.

glynis said...

I just LOVE Paula Deen and so do my kids...we've made (or attempted) to make a few of her things and they've all been delicious!