Friday, December 08, 2006

Favorite Games

Favorite board game - Boy it's been a while since I played a board game. I'm so tempted to get candy land and shoots and ladders for the kids but I still think they are too young to play them. Okay, back to my favorite board game. I would have to say "Life" was my favorite board game when I was younger. I used to play it with my sister.

Favorite video game - I don't play video games that often but my all time favorite video game would have to be pac man. But hey, did anyone get to play with the new game system that is out now called the wii? My husband just had to get it and it is a lot of fun. My mom even likes playing it. One night when she slept over we played tennis and bowling together. I think her favorite game there would be the tennis as she played for hours and then the next game she likes is the bowling. You certainly can get a workout playing this game as my arms and shoulders were killing me the next day. I also played the boxing. It was a great stress releaver as I played with my husband and I felt like I was beating him up but really wasn't. He! He! It was one of those bad days when he didn't help with the children so we faught it out with the game system. It was a lot of fun.

Favorite card came - I would say my favorite card game would be UNO. It's a lot of fun playing this game with a group of friends. But, of course, haven't played this in a while as well.

I did recently purchase a BUNCO game set from BJ's. I bought the one which has the case and I did actually get to play it the one time my grandmother slept over recently. It's a lot of fun but I really think we played wrong though as we were mainly trying to follow directions from the instructions that came with the kit. I know BUNCO is very popular in the west coast but here in the east coast it's really foreign. Wish I could find someone who really knows how to play here.

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