Monday, February 19, 2007

Wanted but some NEEDED

10 things you want, but don't need.

1. A decluttered house. I am sick and tired of all this clutter. Every time I turn around there are toys all over the floor scattered throughout my house. I am so tempted to toss everything in the trash.

2. A warmer place to live. I am tired of the winter. It's too cold outside and the ground is covered with snow which has turned to ice. The kids are getting cabin fever. We so need to get outside to let them run around. They are driving me crazy!

3. A cook. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone prepare all your meals for you. I so hate planning meals and always find myself at the last minute saying what in the world are we going to have. I then try to take out the numerous recipes and try to find something to make and I'm always missing an ingredient or two.

4. Canon Digital Rebel camera. I know I just got a Sony digital camera but I so wanted the Canon Rebel one. The price is still too high. Maybe once the kids are older I can get it and won't worry about it breaking from their little hands grabbing at it.

5. Children that could fend for themselves! I know I shouldn't be wishing this but at this point with the potty training it seems that I spend most of my day in the bathroom and my blood preasure is rising so high from them playing in the toilet and or running the water and making floods that I just have had it. Wish they'd just listen and not make messes all the time.

6. Lower property tax. Sorry I just had to throw that one in. It's needed unfortunately as we pay very high taxes for this house. I even considered moving yet my husband says we won't get another house like ours elsewhere so we just are stuck paying the taxes. It would be better if my kids were in school because like 80% of the taxes goes to the school but right now since we don't have any children in school we feel like we are throwing our money away.

7. Me time. This again I think is necessary for me to remain sane. I so wish I could sleep and not have to get up for the children. If only I could sleep! Yes, I take naps but hey that's only for an hour or so each day and I'm not sleeping for very long at night either.

8. Dreams not regarding potty training! Yes, I'm dreaming about potty training. Poop! Really gross. I'd much rather dream of other things but since my days now mainly consist of pee and poop my dreams are falling into that category too! I guess it comes with the job of being a mom.

9. Love from husband. Unfortunately this one is another need at the moment. DH hasn't been very friendly or helpful. We have grown very apart lately and I so wish for the closeness again.

10. A lap top that has longer battery life then 3 hours! Yes I love my laptop but I usually remain plugged in as I hate unplugging as I'm afraid I'll lose all my work due to lack of battery time.


loonyhiker said...

I love your wants and can relate to a lot of them (especially the camera!). As for the Me time, that is why I get up at 4:45am so I can have 90 min. of me time! Maybe you can start a little closeness with your hubby by writing him love notes and putting them in his pocket. When my daughters were first diagnosed with mental illness, we really withdrew from each other (not because we didn't love each other but we had to deal with the stress in our own ways). So I started to write him little notes telling him what I loved about him, or what I wish we had time to do (some were a little R rated - smile), or why I think other people like him and he started to respond to these notes. Now we talk about it a lot and he asks why I don't do that anymore!

Maggie said...

I can't relate to most of your list since I don't have kids, but I can empathize with your needs. It sounds like more than anything else you need some of your own identity back.


Karen said...

7 and 9 are definitely needs.
Hope you can find a way to bring back the closeness with your husband.

glynis said...

I know it's hard to believe, but the children WILL get potty trained...but what an exhausting time in a mom's life.

Lori said...

Pray for closenes to your hubby, it works like a charm.