Monday, February 12, 2007

It's My Birthday Tomorrow

I can't believe I will be 37 tomorrow. Time sure has gone by quickly. Do I feel 37? Well, yes! I feel a lot older. I have lots of aches and pains every day. The triplets are getting heavier and heavier as the days go by and I am finding it so hard to lift them at times. I was feeling a bit down lately and all alone since my DH has been working long long hours which leaves me dealing with the kids day after day by myself. I thought my husband had forgotten my birthday yet this morning he served me breakfast while I was in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day. Then he asked his parents to come by to watch the kids so he could take me out for dinner. So I had a wonderful evening.

But the most exciting thing of the day is when I was checking my e-mails which I do every night before heading to bed and in my inbox was a gift certificate to a spa. I almost deleted the e-mail since I didn't order any spa stuff but clicked on it to read it anyway. My triplet mom friends from the yahoogroups I belong to that have triplets the same age as mine had chipped in to send me to a spa for the day. I am still in tears that they thought of me on my special day. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for making me feel special. You all are the best and I hope one day I will be able to meet you guys. They are planning a get together in the fall and I sure hope I am able to get away and attend as I so need a break.

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