Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Review

What kind of care do you take of your books? Let's review, shall we?

1. Are you careful with the spines? Or do you crack your books open to make them lay flat?
I like to have my books lay flat so I can read all the pages. Personally I like a journal that is spiral bound so I can have just the page I am writing on available instead of both pages at once. My steno pad is the best. I carry it with my laptop so I can jot down page ideas, journal ideas, challenges or whatever.

2. Do you use bookmarks? Or do you dog-ear the corners? If you do use bookmarks, do you use those fashionable metal ones? Or paper? Bookmarks what's that? If the book is mine then I would dog-ear the pages but lately I've been taking out books from the library and you will not believe what I use to hold my place (a torn out page from a scrapbook magazine). That's right I tear my magazines apart keeping only those pages which inspire me and the rest of the magazine gets trashed in the garbage.

3. Do you write in your books? Ever? If you do, do you make small marks, or write in as much blank space as you can find? Pen or pencil? Highlighter? Your name on the front page?
I don't write in my books. I don't even put my name in my books. I usually keep my steno note book and jot things down in that if I needed to.

4. Do you toss your books on the floor? Into bookbags? Or do you treat them tenderly, with respect? Books are put on bookshelves the ones which I own. I may occasionally have one on my night table in the bedroom. Books from the library are held in a book bag so it is easily brought back to the library when it's time.

5. Do you ever lay your book face-down, to save your place? Yes, occasionally I have been known to do this but not that often.

6. Um--water? Do you bathe with your books? Hold them with wet hands? Read out in the rain? Anything of that sort? Nope don't take baths so don't read in tub. Read in the rain? Who does that? I'm lucky if I get to read on the toilet!

7. Are your books lined up on a bookshelf? Or crammed in any which way? Stacked on the floor? Mine are shoved into my bookshelf and of course I have way too many so some are stacked on top of the lined up books. Most of my books are by author and some even have not been opened. Lack of time I guess. I am a collector.

8. Do you make a distinction--as regards book care--between hardcovers and paperbacks? I like paperbacks mainly because they are cheaper.

9. And, to recap? Naturally, you love all of your books, but how, exactly? Are your books loved in the battered way of a well-loved teddy bear, or like a cherished photo album or item of clothing that's used, appreciated, but carefully cared for? No I think my books are part of my clutter. Yes, I said clutter. I bought them with intention to read them but, of course, when do I have the time to read? Hardly ever! I really need to read and let go. It literally takes me months to read a book.

10. Any additional comments? When I had time to read way back when I was working in New York City and had to commute by train to work my favorite authors were: Danielle Steele, John Grisham, LaVyrle Spencer, Dean Koonz and VC Andrews.

Did I mention I like Nora Roberts? Check out all the books I have of hers yet I haven't yet read.


loonyhiker said...

How in the world do you have time to read? lol We like the same authors too!

glynis said...

I love John Grisham and Dean Koontz (but his always freak me out!) Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Nora Roberts is definitely one of my favorites! i just love her as J.D. Robb too! great photos