Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shine Your Sink?

For a while I have been having a problem with keeping my house clean and from time to time I will follow the advice of flylady. But, of course, I always get sidetracked and never follow through. At Digitalscrapbookplace they are having a challenge where you are to shine your sink and make a layout about it. Here is what I came up with for my page. This particular day Victoria was in the tub early morning before breakfast where she was covered in pee from taking off her diaper the night before. After her bath the sink was then filled with stuff from my husband who brought up stuff from the night before from his office. Then I'd wash that and turn around to change a diaper and come back again to the sink full of dishes. There are days that I get so fed up with all the putting into the dishwasher that I just let it build up till the end of the day. This is a never ending battle in our house along with the laundry. Will it ever end?

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