Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What I'd Like to Improve

This was a bit of a challenge. I had taken the perfect photo for this today. The journaling is a letter to my children that reads:

Dear Victoria, Justin and Naomi,
Now that you are two I am finding myself yelling at you. There are times I think I am losing my mind. I so do not want to fight with you guys. I want to be your mom and also enjoy being with you. I am sorry for yelling and I will do my best to change.. I would also like to spend more quality time with you guys so that is why I have joined the MOPs group and also the MOMs club. I hope by doing so I can be a better mom to you. This photo was taken today at the library at music time. It was a MOMs club activity. We had a great time together and I hope we can spend more quality time in the future. Love Mommy

Beautiful Soul Page Kit by Rene Bross
Weekly Freebie: Mothers WordArt 2005 by Tina chambers
Font: DSP Grandmoms Hand
Alphabet Go Rounds - Family by Tina Chambers

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Tink said...

Beautiful layout and letter. That is a great idea. I have several letters for each of my kids that I have written throughout their lives, that are sealed and stashed. They will get them when I am gone.