Sunday, October 29, 2006

Favorite Items of Clothing

My favorites would have to be anything that is comfortable because I am chasing triplets around the house. I tend to wear sweat suits from New York and Company because they are comfortable. Normally I am cold all the time so when I purchase their sweat suits I get the matching jackets as well.

My favorite shoes are these slip on sneakers that I purchased when I was pregnant over 2 years ago. My mom hates them as they are falling apart. I do need to get a new pair. They are just so fast to put on where I don't have to bend down and tie them each time I am trying to get out of the house. Fast and easy is the key here especially if I want to get out of the house with 3 little ones on time.


Tink said...

Sounds like my type of clothing.... Comfy.

glynis said...

Even my daughter is into 'comfy' clothes--that's the way we do it around here, too!