Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'll Sleep Well Tonight Because......

my children keep me very active. We may go to my grandmother's house if I can get up out of bed and get ready. It's Sunday and 8:40 am already. I know my days are getting very pushed out because I wind up staying up really late each night. The problem is I'm exhausted. We did a lot this week. We attended a MOPs meeting, went to BJs to get diapers and lunch, Build a Bear and dinner, went to the library to return books and get new ones, and Ryan's Birthday. I just don't know if I have the energy to go to my grandmothers. It's an hour ride there and an hour back. I just want to relax but I feel bad that my grandmother can't see the kids because no one wants to drive her here. So I will probably wind up going. She's having chicken with stuffing for dinner today. They eat dinner at 2 on Sundays which is a bit early and out of our schedule but it saves me a day from cooking.

We also have a lot planned this week as well:

Monday - Justin and Victoria received speech therapy
Tuesday - There is a Mother's Group meeting at the park. This is another type group like MOPs but not a religious one and the kids go to these meetings. They set up play groups for the kids. It's a yearly fee to join so don't know if we will join or not. We really need to make some friends and some play dates so we are going to check it out.
Wed - I'm not sure what's going on this day. I hope it's a freebie. Oh no probably not! It's my mom's birthday. Don't know if we are doing anything or not.
Thurs - The kids go for their 2 year check up. Flu shots. Not looking forward to that. And Naomi has her first speech therapy.
Friday - The cats have a vet appointment.
Saturday - We have a 1 year old birthday party to attend. It's a friend of my husband's job who is having the party. I never met her. My husband said he wanted to attend (I doubt it though because he never goes anywhere with me and the kids).
Sunday - We are meeting my sister-in-law at a farm to do pumpkin picking. We go every year and yes my husband is going to this.

After writing all this I'm now more exhausted then when I was when I woke up. Maybe we will stay home today so I can get a nap when they nap later in the day.

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