Friday, October 13, 2006


Clutter is a major issue in our house. We have a tendency to collect collect collect. The triplets have way too many toys and they seem to be scattered all over my house. The worst is the ones which come with many many pieces. I'm constantly picking up after them. They are now just starting to learn how to clean up so they are starting to help out.

My garage where we used to be able to fit both our cars into now only one fits. It's filled with baby stuff that we don't use any more such as a triplet stroller which we only used when they were infants. It so needs a decluttering so we can get the other car back into it.

The laundry room seems to collect a lot of stuff to. This is where we store the recyclable before they are put into the garage for trash day which, of course, we have been missing recycle day on occasion and when this happens the garage is really jam packed with trash.

My closets are jam packed too with stuff. If you open them up you need to be careful nothing falls out and hits you on the head. My mom complains about this each time she comes around which is once a week.

I just feel guilty about getting rid of anything. Or the question comes to mind what if I really need that item and then I have to purchase it again. I've been trying to get better at letting stuff go though as it's starting to drive me crazy.

I've tried on numerous occasions to declutter like flylady suggests but I always crash and burn each time I try. I guess it's just overwhelming all the stuff I have to do each day with the triplets that adding one extra thing to do or more really tires me out.


heather said...

Wow, old baby gear x 3 must be a nightmare!!! And with you being so busy looking after the three of them! I can relate to your phrase "way too many toys". We have that problem here too LOL

Tink said...

but at least you have organized clutter, lol.

carinc said...

I'd say let the clutter worry about istself for now - I'm sure you could think of a 100 other ways to spend a spare minute or two.