Friday, October 27, 2006

Favorite Day of the Week

I would have to say my favorite day of the week used to be Wednesday but now it's Fridays. Why you may be all thinking? Well, that's the day my mom usually comes to visit. Since I don't have any break from the children at all I so look forward to when she comes to give me a little bit of a break from my hectic routine. It's like the day when I can acutally breath better and can sit down and relax a bit or run out and do errands which I couldn't do when she wasn' t around. I am so thankful to have a mom who wants to spend time with the triplets and help me out. Thank you mom if you are reading this.


carinc said...

That is wonderful! My Mom come to stay over on Friday nights to get in some "Grammi time" so it is another reason for me to like Fridays as well.

Tink said...

How wonderful that you have someone who can help you out.

Karen said...

It's great that your Mum can help you out. I know my Mum was always there for me and i don't know what i'd have done without her. And I only had 1 not 3!!
Glad that you've got that Friday to look forward to. It's a good way to launch into the weekend too.