Friday, October 06, 2006

What Do I Hear?

What can you hear right now, right where you're sitting? Unfortunately, I am sitting in the bathroom on the toilet (yes, my only time alone from the kids). It's really early 8 am I hear the faint noise of the fan that we run while we are sleeping. It is a continuing humming type noise. Faintly I can hear my husband breathing while he sleeps peacefully in our bed. In the distance I now I hear my daughter the one with the loud voice screaming. She is in her crib. I guess it is time for them to wake up and start their day. Time for Mommy to start her day too.

1 comment:

carinc said...

ROFL!!! I feel for you having to share internet time and toilet time in order to have some "you" time. Take it any way you can girlfriend!