Monday, October 02, 2006


It took me the entire month of Sept to choose the costumes for the triplets for Halloween. My husband thought I was crazy searching in Sept but I tell you by the time I went to purchase their costumes most things were sold out or they didn't have 2 or 3 costumes the same or matching. Plus I didn't want to spend $30+ for each costume. Why are they so expensive for a costume which you will only wear once? Now, if I had only one child then I'd get the best costume but since I have to get 3 costumes I searched the internet for the best prices. Of course, I could have searched on ebay for used costumes which I did last year but I just didn't want to go through the stress of not having them match and bidding and not winning.

The choices I had in my mind were:

  • 3 little pigs - Costumes were over priced. $35 or more for each one plus my mom kept saying she didn't want her grandchildren to look like pigs.

  • Cowboys and Indians - My niece is going to be an indian so I figured why not dress them up like cowboys and cowgirls. But once I looked at the prices of the costumes I said forget it. Like the hats were not included so not only was the costume like $25 but then you had to get the hat which was like $15 or more. So that was out.

  • Wizard of Oz them - I already have dorothy so I figured I'd have the children match me but I couldn't find a tin man that was in a reasonable price range. The lion was an okay price and the scarecrow was also priced okay but why in the world would the tin man costume be over $40 is beyond me! So that theme was out.

  • Pirates - I thought the pirate theme would have been very cute but I couldn't find the sizes for the girls and at this time the swords are just too dangerous so that was crossed off my list.

  • Monkeys - I almost got the monkeys costumes at old navy but by the time I finally decided to get their costumes they didn't have 3 left in toddler size.

  • Devil & 2 angels - it was a cute idea but since we aren't supposed to believe in the devil I ruled that one out.

Okay now you are probably wondering what in the world did she pick? I wound up getting all 3 costumes for $50. Yes, you heard me 3 costumes for $50 at My son is going to be a football player and my girls are going to be cheerleaders. Justin's costume is light blue and the girls costumes are in pink and white. I'm trying to get them to say the cheer, "Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who do you appreciate, JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN." So I've been saying it to the girls every day trying to get them to repeat it for Halloween. So far they only say the Justin part. Hey, I have about a month to work on it.

By the way I got my costumes today and you will not believe it but the pompoms in one of the girls costumes is missing. So, of course, I was on the phone with costumecraze this morning trying to get a replacement. It never fails. Every time I order something it turns up wrong. I just have bad luck. Luckily they will be sending me out a replacement.

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