Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If I Could Redecorate Any Room

Kaleidoscope by Stacey Jewell Stahl
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Journaling reads:
If I had the money and could redecorate one room in my house it would be the kitchen. First, I would want the designer to redesign the separation wall of my kitchen and family room. I would make it into a counter where we could sit and watch tv. This would be more functional and I would get rid of my kitchen table because that would replace our table. Underneath would be shelving to hold books. Maybe even have shelves on the family side so the kids could store their books. Second, I would have tile put on my kitchen walls especially behind my stove and sink to catch all the splashes and splatters from cooking and washing. Third, I would add another dishwasher. Maybe get rid of a cabinet and replace it with another dishwasher. I use my dishwasher for everything. If I purchase something new I definately make sure it's dishwasher safe before purchasing it. The only thing that is not dishwasher safe is my pots and pans from pampered chef. Everything else goes into that machine and gets run once or twice a day. Fourth, My kitchen desk would be redesigned so the draws would be normal size file draws. Right now they are narrow and can't fit hardly anything in them. Fifth, the walls would be painted instead of that painters white that comes with new houses. Sixth, I would change the white countertops because it is so hard to keep them clean. It shows everything. Seventh, the doors to my yard would be a double door that opens. Right now we have french doors but one side is a dummy door and only one door opens up to the yard. I would also put sliding doors there.

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carinc said...

Already did a layout??!! You must want this bad - saw your 3 highchairs at the kitchen table LOL!