Monday, October 23, 2006

A New Holiday

If I could create a new holiday it would be called MOMMY SPA DAY. Okay now you know I'm a bit stressed out. I just wish I could have a vacation or a day off. I mean when you work and get paid for it you are at least entitled to a vacation and some sick days. Some jobs even give you 2 personal days that you could use for whatever you choose. When you are a MOM you just do not get any time off and when you do get time off when mom comes to visit you are doing things with the children or running errands. Yes, I do get to go out with my friends after the kids go to sleep but that really is not time off. I would really like to go on a spa day or weekend. Get a massage, facial, hair cut, manicure, the works, dinner, ability to sleep late. A weekend to relax. No diapers to change, no noise to listen to, a relaxing weekend away from the kids. If any of my family members especially my husband (which I doubt) are reading this hope you take this as a hint what to get me for the holidays.


Karen said...

You may need to give you husband some assistance in arriving at the brilliant idea of giving you a spa voucher as a gift. Maybe leave some brochures around and just pick them up and casually mention what a fantastic day that would be.

Tink said...

Or you may just have to tell him and hope he really listens. My kids are all grown but I am still half raising my grandkids and have found the only way I can get time to myself is to be very expressive. You need to do this for your own sanity.