Monday, October 16, 2006

My Car

I was leasing a silver Subaru Forester back in 2004. The lease was ending on the Subaru at the perfect time because we just found out that we were expecting triplets at that time. So while I was on bedrest the Subaru was traded in for the Nissan Quest.

I drive a gold Nissan Quest now with the triplets. The girls sit in the 2nd row and my son sits in the very back row in the center. The inside of the car right now is very dirty. It needs to be vaccummed and wiped from french fries, cookies, spilt milk or whatever else the kids have dropped along our travels. Luckily we got leather seats so it can be wiped up very easily.

This is the only car we can use with the triplets right now. My husband has a Honda Accord but it just doesn't fit our entire family.

Next year our lease is up on the Quest. We haven't yet decided if we will keep it or trade it in for something else. There really isn't much we can get for a family of 5 especially since we need to accomodate 3 car seats. The miles on the Quest are very low since in the first 2 years I haven't been traveling very far with the kids except for doctor visits or to my parents or DH's parents houses. It was just way too much work getting around by myself so we stayed home. We are now just starting to venture out and do different things with them.

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Tink said...

I can imagine you would need something with lots of room for the wee ones.