Friday, October 06, 2006

My Activities

Let go and write whatever!!! But only for five minutes. After that put your pen, errrr, your fingers down and don't go back to fix anything!

I decided I needed to do more with the children as they are now 2 years old and starting to whine a lot while we are trapped in the house. I don't take them out unless we have to go food shopping or to visit my parents or grandparents. Sometimes I take them for walks around the block or into our yard where we have it fenced in and the swing set for them to play but they only want to swing and it is tiring so we only do that for a short period of time. I think they are just getting bored of being inside. So I have been searching for things for me to take them to. Of course, everything I have found was more mommy and me based which we can't physically do since there is only one Mommy and I am outnumbered.

I found a MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers) which is a Christian group that meets 2 times a month and while the mother's meet in one room where they have a lesson and then some craft the kids are in a day care setting. We attended our first meeting this month and the kids had a blast. Victoria was a bit scared and cried when Mommy left the room but besides that they enjoyed playing with the other children.

I also found a MOMs group which I also attended a meeting. This group is a bit different then the MOPs since they don't have baby sitting service and the children attend the meeting with you so it is a bit chaotic but this group makes play dates and activities outside the house where the kids can have fun. We even attended an activity. They had hayrides and play area that we went to. Of course, I only had 2 children for this play date and meeting so it was manageable. I'm hoping that we can attend more outings and get more involved.

I also found swim lessons which we will try this month. We already have an appointment set up for this.

Karate was another trial lesson I found for them but haven't yet set up an appointment. So I am keeping busy and now involving the kids too. I think they are having a lot of fun.


carinc said...

I am trying to get out more with my 2 yr old DS but I only have one to contend with and only weekends as I work during week. I think I might go bananas if I was indoors with him 7 days a week! Glad you are finding things to do... it will do you a lot of good as well. :)

Tink said...

Check with your library too. A lot of them offer mid-week morning story time.