Monday, October 02, 2006


Your prompt is "release". Take that word however you like, and write.

Breathe in...... Breathe out......

The lease to our car ended in August. Because the car had low mileage we decided to purchase the car which we took out a loan to do so. This was done in August. We received the title in the mail and some other paperwork which needed to be brought to Motor Vehicles to be registered. I've been telling my husband he needs to go as I can't go with the triplets. Anyway, 2 months have passed and he still has not gone to Motor Vehicles. Now, for 5 days I have been searching and searching for that paper work that we received from the leasing company. I can't remember where I have placed it. We get a letter the other day from the leasing company regarding our title and, of course, this triggers me to remember that he still needs to go to motor vehicles. Now where in the world did the paper work go?

I searched the bill draw, I searched the laundry room, and the mail that's sitting on the counter top (I sure hope I didn't throw it away with all the other crap we receive day after day). Why do we get so much junk mail? Anyway nothing was found. I thought maybe I gave it to him and he took it into his office so I ask him to search his office. He looks and finds nothing.

Okay, Laura, Breathe in..... Breathe out...... Remember what you did with the envelope. I know what it looks like yet I can't remember where I put it. This has been happening a lot lately (could it be mommy brain or am I just losing my memory?)

For some reason this morning I decided to look in the paid bills and guess what I found? I can't believe I filed it away when it should have been placed in the open bill draw. Now, finally I can sleep tonight knowing I at least found the paper work so he can go to motor vehicles. We will probably have to pay a fine because we are late but at least my part is done I found the papers.

I can now breathe............................................................

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Tink said...

That definitely is a release. Glad you found it.