Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How I feel about TV

I love watching tv when I have time that is. We have direct tv and TIVO. I love my tivo because I can tape the shows I'd like to watch and watch them when I have the free time to do so. Also I can fast forward the commercials. Now basically I only have time to watch my soap opera Days Of Our Lives and occasionally a night time show such as ER, Nip Tuck, Desparate Housewives and I just started to watch Heros. I now have a laptop so I can do my digital scrapbooking sitting in front of the tv.

During the day TIVO tapes sesame street, barney and signing times for the kids. I even did a search last night to tape some halloween shows for the kids so in the next few days we will be surprised taping of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and some other shows for the kids to watch. I will again do a search during thanksgiving time and hopefully there will be some other types shows for them.

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carinc said...

I love my Tivo as well - I don't have to remember which night the things I like are on - I can tape a variety of things so I can watch depending on my mood and my DS thinks all TV's are Tivo... unlimited episodes of Thomas the Tank, Bob the Builder and Blues Clues. He evne started asking for shows I have not yet taped as if they should be there at his whim!