Friday, September 01, 2006

How I feel about WATER

Okay my first reaction to this topic was WHAT this one is a hard one! How I feel about water what can I really write about WATER? But after giving it a bit of thought here is my opinions on playing in water, seeing water, using water.

Well, I think it is crazy that we have to pay for it. The summertime bills can be outrageusly high since the sprinklers are running for the lawn. We had to stop running the sprinklers due to the high cost of our water bills. So the lawn suffered a great deal this summer but hey we have to eat, right?

Pool water. I don't like to swim. My mom has a pool but this summer I didn't even get a chance to go in it due to the triplets. It's just way too stressful. You have to hold them and worry that they will drown. So how much fun is that? Not fun at all! My son is literally afraid of the pool. As soon as he sees the pool when he walks into my mom's yard he starts to scream on the top of his lungs. He won't even go into the water. So I guess that is a good thing as he will stay outside the pool while the girls go in but I can't be in 2 places at once. So the pool was out this summer. Maybe next year we will try it.

When I was pregnant I would drink tons of water trying to keep the triplets healthy for their birth. Actually it was the only thing I drank while pregnant. You would see me with this big water bottle every where I went. But now that I have had them I haven't kept up on the drinking of water. I really need to add that to my daily routine.

When I look at the ocean I think it is beautiful but I do not like to go in the water. I hate the idea that there are fish in the water and I just feel so skeeved and dirty when I come out with all that sand and salt. If I really needed to go into the water for some reason I would choose a pool over the ocean.

As for using water. I use water every day for my shower. I like to take a very hot shower before I begin my day. I try to wake up eariler than the triplets so I can start my day with a hot shower. It's my only 20 minutes of alone time where I can think straight without little ones tugging at my legs. I usually come up with great scrapbooking ideas or plans for the day while in my shower. If I don't get my shower for the day for some reason I am very grumpy so my shower is the first thing I do in my daily routine for me. Speaking of showers I must be off to start my day now.

Wow, I certainly had a lot to say about water didn't I?


glynis said...

I'm the same way--always get up earlier than the rest of the family so you can have ANY time to yourself! Great post!

Tink said...

Fantastic post for someone who didn't have anything to say about water, lol.

Bonnie said...

I agree about the ocean, i hate not knowing what is lurking under the waves! I liked your post.

Laura Lou said...

We do have different views of water. I guess fishing, boating, swimming all of my life I just didn't know anyone didn't like water. Well, live and learn.

loonyhiker said...

Triplets????? Oh my gosh, I can't imagine that! I bet you had to drink tons of water! Thanks for sharing.