Saturday, September 02, 2006

10 Things I Don't Like Doing But Do Anyway

  1. Dishes especially when my children are awake they tend to take the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and run off with them. I now try to do the dishes when they are either strapped in their highchairs or sleeping (napping).

  2. Laundry why is it never ending. I finally finish for the week and then it starts all over again. The kids clothes alone I have a load each day. Then my clothes, my husbands clothes, towels, sheets. etc. etc. Okay I don't mind putting the laundry in the washer and dryer. It's the folding that stinks. Especially the sock matching. I now no longer match the socks and just place them in our draws unmatched.

  3. Vaccuuming why do I need to vaccuum all the time? It's these kids. They eat a snack and it gets all over the living room floor. Why can't they keep the crumbs in the bag? Nope it goes right onto the floor. The goldfish crackers are the worst. Lots of little crumbs all over the floor. Their play area (our living room) has to be vaccummed every day because of this reason.

  4. Diaper Changes okay who wants to change 15 diapers a day? Of course, I have to or they will get a rash but it's no fun job especially when they are now not wanting their diapers changed and they kick you in the stomach, scream and twist on the changing table. It's a major challenge day after day. Can't wait till they are potty trained.

  5. Picking Up Clutter. My children seem to know whatever is clutter they will go into it and track it throughout the house. I am constantly picking up things and now I am tossing stuff in the trash especially if the item has been picked up 3 or 4 times a day.

  6. Recycling. I hate cutting up the cardboard boxes that we received throughout the 2 weeks for the trash. We get a lot of cardboard as we order from lots of different places so the boxes just pile up bi-weekly. Not to mention that if we forget to put out the garbage we have to wait another 2 weeks before they come again to pick up this stuff.

  7. Foodshopping. I try to run out during nap time (DH works from home most of the time) or when they are sleeping for the night but on occasion I really need to go so I tug them along. I have found that Shoprite has the shopping carts with the car and you can put 3 kids. 2 in car and one on top. But I rush frantically up and down the aisles getting what I need before they act up as they are in their twos and you never know when a tantrum will errupt.

  8. Cooking. Many nights I suffer from "What are we having for dinner syndrom" I just don't preplan and then when it's time for dinner I am frantically trying to figure out what we are going to have. Lately the microwave has been doing the defrosting most days. We can't order out as much as we did since we can't afford. Cooking has been a challenge especially when you have a little on attached to your leg, saying, "Mom" "Mom" "Mom". Why she has to hang on my legs when cooking is beyond me. But it certainly frustrates me and this is when you will find me screaming for her to get off of me.

  9. Getting up in the morning. I've been so tired lately that it's been rough getting up in the morning. It's like you are sleeping and all cozy under the blanket and then when you need to get up you come out of the covers you are freezing because of the air conditioning. I'd much rather stay in bed all cuddled up in the blanket. But as you know being a SAHM (stay at home mom) there are no days off. No sick days, no vacation days. So getting up I have to do.

  10. Getting the mail. Lately I've been dreading going to our mailbox to get our mail. We have had some surprise bills lately which have been stressing me out. Like the outrageous electric bill for July. Once I go through the mail I sigh with relief when there is no surprise bills or things to do, people to call because of errors or being over billed on things. It's like a never-ending stressful experience getting the mail each day.


Bonnie said...

Laura I had such a laugh at your first thing-your kids carrying off the dirty dishes from the washer and you only do them now when they are sleeping or strapped in the high chair-what a laugh! Kids do the strangest things! My daughter (3) sits on the dishwasher lid (when open) and stuffs toys into the powder compartment. Once I even found a washed small teddy toy in amongst the dishes after they had been washed!
You mentioned-shoprite? Do you like in South Africa? Here we have a shop called Shoprite Checkers.
How old are you triplets? Boy/girl?
I don't see any info like that on your blog.
Thanks for the amusing read.I think I would like to do this blog prompt too!

Tink said...

Your list reads almost identical to what mine would read if I wrote one, lol. Although I don't have triplets. Just one 2 year old that makes up for it.