Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Real-Life Fantasy Man

This story was written by me in 1995 right before I married my husband. It is a story of how I met my husband and how he proposed. I wrote it for a contest in a magazine which I did not win but it was nice to have this written.

At age 17, still in high school, I was working part-time at a local supermarket. After many months of dating casually from my work place, I found that there were many immature males out in the dating scene and dating seemed hopeless to me. Not one guy seemed to catch my interest.

One chilly November day that all changed. There was a tremendous sale at the supermarket. Customers in the store were very loud and rowdy as the lines were extremely long. I glanced across the way for amoment and t his is when my whole world halted before me.

I saw a man five feet ten inches tall with a muscular body. He was dressed casually. His blue jeans were dark and new which fit snugly around his hips and on his feet he wore clean white dress shoes with tassels on the top. Beneath his black jacket he wore a button-down white shirt which was open at the top so you could see his manly dark hair. He had a head full of dark black hair which was feathered back and it was slightly longer in the back. He looked in his mid-twenties because on his face he wore a full-grown beard and mustache. He was a handsome man. He certainly was not like the other guys which I had dated. He was different. Since I am an avid fan of Days of Our Lives for many years, I could not stop thinking that he looked like the actor who portays the roll Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). My heart ached at the sight of this man.

(Peter Reckell from Days
of Our Lives - 1995)
Turning to face my girlfriend, Patricia, who was on the register next to me I uttered in excitement, "Check out the new Manager!" She replied with, "He is not a manager, he is a custodian." I could not belive what my ears had just heard. How can a good-looking guy like that be just a custodian? I was eager to meet this hunk of a custodian. Could my casual dating be over? That night I made it a point to find out.

After work Patricia and I went outside and low and behold we saw that stunning custodian and another custodian pushing shopping carts back to the store. Patricia, knowing that I showed an interest in him, decided we would get to know him at that moment. Being the natural flirt that she is, she instantly struck up a conversation with the two custodians on cart duty. To my surprise I found out that both men were interested in me, but I knew in my heart that I could give my heart to only one. While the conversation was concise and informing I found out that his name was Evan and that he was involved in a long distance relationship which was not working out. I also learned that we were only three weeks apart in age. This was too good to be true.

Before I left that night the other custodian approached me to ask me for a date. I said I would think about it and give him an answer the following day as I did not want to hurt his feelings but I knew my heart would belong to Evan. I thought about Evan all night long and decided to turn the other guy down even before Evan had asked me for a date. I felt optimistic and knew I would eventually get what I wanted somehow.

The next time I met Evan was early the following afternoon, when I drove my car into the parking lot where I worked. He was working on cart duty again. He approached me and we had a brief discussion. Before I knew it, he asked me to go to a movie. I was so excited that the blood rushed into my cheeks so quickly. I tried to avoid his deep brown eyes for a moment, then I lifted my gaze to find him with a sparkle in his eyes and a flirtatious smile on his lips. It made me want to melt like ice cream on a hot sunny day. This is when I instantly replied, "Yes, I'd love to." Not only was he a flirt but he was an accomplished flirt.

While still standing in front of him, it started to become windy and I became cold. He noticed I was shivering during this unexpected confrontation so gentlemanly-like he offered me his most treasured black jacket to wear to keep me warm. His jacket had the sweet scent of Pollo on it. I entered work walking on cloud nine. But all the while it seemed that tomorrow would never come.

Thinking back seven years I can't remember the title of the movie that we saw on our first date or what we did afterwards but I do remember my parents reaction to him when I brought him home that night for the first time. My parents having the impression that he was ten years older than me, decided to ask for proof of his age. At the moment it was embarrassing but now when I think about what had happened it makes me laugh. Still to this day when we are out in public together people look at us strangely because he still looks a lot older than me.

Over the years our love had developed without either of us being able to control it. Of course, we had our problems to overcome. Our major obstacle would have to be our religions. Evan is Jewish and I was Catholic. His parents influence on his life we were forced to go our separate ways. This was an emotional and trying time for both of us which lasted for only a month. Evan could just not stay away and neither could I for that matter. We would sneak to see each other every chance we could. This only made our love stronger. We survived after this nightmare, so we feel we can conquer the world. It wasn't until Evan proposed five years later that his parents accepted me as part of their family.

After five years of being together, Evan decided that he wanted to make a commitment. It turned out to be a clear sunny day on September 6, 1992. After work Evan brought me to the beach near our house. We sat together with his arms wrapped around my small waist on the rock jetty watching the waves cascade over the white sand. He seemed a little restless to me. Then he told me to get him a piece of candy which was in the glove compartment of his car. When I opened up the glove compartment, all I saw was a bright sparkle from a pear-shaped diamond ring. I was in shock. He came running over, got down on his knees and asked me, "Will you marry me?" I instantly accepted. From out the car window I heard the song, "You're My Everything" playing which became our song. He placed the ring on my finger and we embraced in a long sensual kiss. The day turned out perfect. He has made me the happiest woman alive. To this day we are now planning our wedding which is set for June of 1995.

Evan has a good head on his shoulders and has a bright mind as he knows exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to do in life. He attends college at night studying computers even though he now owns his own business specializing in signs and banners. He is successful, hardworking and responsible.

Evan is also family-oriented. He would do anything for his family especially his sister. This shows that he will make a good father for our children because family life is very important to him.

He knows exactly when to joke around and when to be serious in order to make this earth a happier place to live in. He is honest, loyal and warm-hearted. We became best of friends thoughout the years. I can always lean on his shoulder when I am sad and he is always available to listen when I need someone to confide in. I am very lucky to have found my fantasy man at such an early time in my life and we will be together from now till the end of time.


loonyhiker said...

This was a wonderfully romantic story and I loved every word! Thanks for sharing.

Tink said...

How sweet. Glad it all worked out for you.