Monday, September 25, 2006

Clutter or Declutter?

I live in a cluttered world. I collect and collect. Let's face it I love to shop. It's only recently that I've been trying to get rid of the clutter. My children get into everything and trace it all over the house. After picking things up more than once, my new moto is off to the trash can it goes. I'm tired of picking things up day after day, hour after hour. If you haven't already seen a day in my life video that I made of the triplets. Here is the link again.

I have tried following flylady many times. I set out at head speed decluttering one area that I wind up feeling overwhelmed and burned out. I know I should be pacing myself and doing baby steps but I just always want to complete everything like now. And if that doesn't happen then I give up.

I am definately a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive). I get sidetracked whenever I tend to do something and then it never gets completed. This is both in my daily routines and in my crafting. I have numerous projects started yet not completed. In quilting this is called UFO's (Unfinished Projects or Objects). I have many quilt tops started yet never completed. Actually Justin's closet has many boxes of fabric and quilt tops. I even learned how to knit and have never finished the project because it just takes too long to complete. The only thing I have actually completed are scrapbook pages and cards. I think mainly because a page only takes about 1/2 hour. Where a quilt takes months maybe years to complete. I feel Knitting is the same thing. I'm sure one day I will pick up the needles again and attempt to complete something.

I could save things for a yard sale but hey, yard sales are just way too much work. I did have one this past summer and I couldn't believe that people wanted things for like 50 cents when I paid $10 or more for it. I also tried to sell things on ebay but after putting up like 50 items at low prices I didn't even make back the amount of money I spent to put items up. So ebay is out too. So in the end I can either give my stuff to family members or the trashman. The children's clothing always goes to my nieces and nephews as they are younger. I also donate mine and my husband's clothing to our local synagogue.

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carinc said...

Wow - one toddler is tough enough for me - I couldn't even imagine... many kudos to you because you are my definition of a supermom just by chasing after 3! Thanks for helping me nix the idea of garage sale or ebay... I've been saving stuff to do both but somehow never want to actually do it - you've liberated me!