Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Favorite Restaurants

My all time favorite restaurant is New Corners Italian Restaurant located in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately since the triplets were born we haven't been able to go there. We normally go there with my in-laws. Everything I have ordered there is really good but my favorite dish would have to be muscles for appitizer and their baked ziti is really good as they have it with lots and lots of cheese.

My husband and I have a new favorite Chinese Restaurant called Three Star. It's about 1/2 hour drive from our house. We have gone there alone but also we have brought the triplets there for dinner one night with my in-laws. The kids were really good which I was a bit surprised. Our favorites from there would be the boneless ribs and tangarine beef.

We don't get to go out that often but we do order take out a lot. Our favorites would be Fridays where we order pecan crusted chicken salad, Jack Daniels chicken strips and boneless buffalo strips.

All this talk about foods my tummy is saying I'm hungry. Oh, it's time for lunch. Gotta make grill cheese sandwiches.


Tink said...

One more reason for heading up the New York way. Yumm

glynis said...

Yummy! I'm getting so hungry reading these posts!!

loonyhiker said...

I can't imagine going out to eat with triplets! Wait until they get to be teens and eat everything in sight!