Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Children Today (Age 2)

My oldest daughter Victoria. I love how you are starting to talk saying a new word or words each day. How you know where your daddy is when I ask you. How you are becoming independent by taking off your clothes. I love how most of the time you are not in any trouble but when you do get into trouble it is a doozy. I love when you come for hugs. You will eat almost anything. Because you have more words in your vocabulary you are the first one to answer a question when Mommy is doing book time. You are very brutal what I mean is you are the one who seems to hit the other two on the head with toys or push them away first. Mommy has tried time out with you but you still continue to hit and push. I hope this is a stage you will outgrow.

My son Justin. I love how you greet me in the morning with a great big hug and kiss when I come to get you from your room to start the day. I love how you say, "Mom" all day long just to hear me say, "Yes, Justin." I love your big blue eyes. I love how you come to me during the day just for a hug. You definately are mommy's little man and always will be. You are my little helper. If I ask you to help me clean up you are the first to help. You are a pickey eater like your dad. You don't like to try new things. Your favorite food would be grapes. You have tantrums now and then when you can't communicate what you want.

My youngest daughter Naomi. I love how you tell me that something is wrong. I love when you dance and smile when you are happy. I love the sweet kisses you give me during the day. You are very strong-willed and sometimes you make me crazy but I still love you. You love to eat fruit. You love to climb and take things down. You do not listen which really frustrates Mommy. You are very smart and loves to read books. You have a temper and have tantrums often.

You all changed my life. I so desparately wanted to have children. It took mommy and daddy 8 years to conceive. You all are a blessing from God. He knew that I would never go through labor again so he gave you all to me all at once so I wouldn't have to do it again. Yes, the past 2 years have been rough but with all the love I receive from you all it is well worth it.

Even though you are triplets you all are different and special in your own way. Triple the love, triple the hugs and triple the kisses. I love you all equally.


heather said...

Wow - having one 2yr old at a time was enough for me! LOL They sound so gorgeous though, and I can understand what treasures they must be to you, esp. since you waited so long for them :)

Lani said...

great post. You should definately scrap these thoughts so you can share them with the triplets when they are older. Three two year olds sound like quite a handful!

loonyhiker said...

This was wonderful! I enjoyed getting to know your twins through your descriptions. This whole post should be printed and saved for them when they get older! Thanks for sharing.

Tink said...

Beautifully said. They must be a true joy to have around, although frustrating from time to time.

glynis said...

Aww! This is so beautiful--I see a gorgeous layout scrapped from these beautiful words!