Thursday, September 28, 2006

MOPs Meeting

We went to the MOPs meeting today. I was so nervous about going. Anyway when I arrived at the church there was no sign on the church and I wasn't sure I was in the right place so I pulled in the driveway and rolled down my window to ask if the woman crossing the parking lot if I was in the right place and I was.

I then parked the car. Unstrapped all 3 kids and told them to hold onto mommy and that we were going to walk holding hands to the school. They listened. I had the girls hands in one of my hands and my sons in the other. The woman who I asked if we were at the right place saw me and came over asking if I was the triplet mom she heard about. then she offered to help. another woman came over and helped too. I was in shock. They were so helpful. They signed the kids in and off to the play area we went with them. The children were great walking to the school. Victoria my oldest cried when we got the classroom. I was shocked as she's the outgoing one. Justin ran to the toys and Naomi stayed by my leg but didn't cry. I stayed a bit to get them used to the room and people. Then I told them that mommy was leaving and was coming back. Of course, Victoria started to cry again. I felt so bad walking out of the room with her like that. They gave me a beeper so if they acted up they would page me.

I went up to the meeting. Not knowing what to do with myself since I've been with them for 2 years. I got something to eat and sat down with the other woman. It was nice to not have to change diapers, feed them etc. Of course, the whole time I kept looking at the beeper.

Not one page which was good. They did a movie presention about identity how we lose our idenity when we become moms. Then after the movie we broke up into discussion groups and made name badges.

Once that was over I went back to get the children. Naomi was on one side of the room and Justin and Victoria were sort of together on the other side. They told me that they were very good. They had chocolate chip cookies and milk. then they went outside to the play area and went on the slide. They did some coloring and played with the toys. They didn't want to leave and started to cry when I told them we were going home.

I asked them if they wanted to go again and Naomi and Victoria both said MORE and Justin said HAPPY. So we plan to go again. We called my mom when we got home and they all were so excited to tell my mom about the school they attended. They kept saying School More. Happy. It was so cute.

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