Sunday, September 24, 2006

Top 3 Worst Things for Mom of Multiples:

1. Not being able to attend any activities that they have for Mommy and Me classes that mom's with singletons attend often. I feel like I'm missing out and my children are missing out. I have been looking and looking for something we can all do together but every thing is mommy and me which we cannot do without relying on someone and I really feel bad asking my mom to attend each week as it puts her on the spot.

2. The remarks you get when you are out with the kids. I so hate when people ask if we used medication. Like, mind your own business! Yes, we did use medication but it took us 8 years to have our children and they are a blessing from G_d. Even though my days are really rough my children are a blessing.

3. Not having any quality time with each child. I really envy those with only one child as you can draw all your attention to that one child. My days are really chaotic and about 80% of the time I have one child on top of me clinging for a hug and kiss. Or they are fighting to sit on my lap. I really treasure the 15-20 minutes I get during nap time when I have just one child to give all my attention to. These are very special times in my day.

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