Friday, September 08, 2006

Chores I Refuse to Do on Principal

There are many activities that I refuse to do but here are the top ones that I thought of while writing this.

I refuse to pick up all the kids toys all day long. It's like one minute they are all picked up and the next they are trashed all throughout the house. I now no longer pick up all day long. I try to wait till the end of the day and then have them help me clean up before bed time.

We have a two story house and our bedrooms are on 2nd floor and laundry room on first floor. I refuse to take down the laundry and take up the laundry. It's the only thing my husband does around the house to help out. So I leave that job for him. I have a bad back and it hurts most nights from picking up the kids. Don't you love the smell of bengay? Well, I think that's my purfume Bengay as I have to use that stuff almost every day in order to relieve the back pain.

I refuse to clean the kitchen grill. My husband wanted it when we purchased this house. It is so hard to clean. That is another job that I leave for my husband.


Karen said...

For me it's ironing. I won't buy anything I have to iron. Sometimes that's hard buit i know that if i have to iron it it will live it's entire life in the ironing basket (which I don't have any more).

loonyhiker said...

I forgot that one. I won't wash anything not put in the washing machine (with 2 of us, that is our clothes hamper). After hubby ran out of clean underwear because it was all around the bed, he learned to put them in the washer or wash clothes himself.

Tink said...

I hate picking up all day after the kids too, and I only have two.