Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Playroom

For the month of June we are in the playroom organizing and decluttering. Remember my post about the play area here? I certainly was frustrated when I posted that entry. That was what it looked like before. Well, with a lot of purging and rearranging we are looking 100% better. I had 2 big bags to donate and 2 big bags of garbage. I threw out all the cases of DVD's we had and put all the movies into a looseleaf type zipper binder. I also gave away some DVDs to my niece, the ones my kids no longer watch like the potty training ones. I took the bookshelf from the girls closet and moved it into their play area.

So this is what the play area now looks like:

Dora bag I got from Avon and in that is all their dolls and doll clothing. The bookshelf is to the left from the girls closet. I have containers of log cabin blocks, stitching, musical instruments, lego boxes on top. In front of the bookcase is another bag filled with balls. I was tempted to get rid of the kitchen that is now in the middle of the room. But since I kept the kitchen stuff I decided to keep the kitchen too. Hoping that the kids would play with it.

Here's a close up of the bins. I was going to hang tags from the handles but figured the kids probably would tear them off so I printed them on cardstock and taped them to the front of the bin. I printed up images from the interent and used photoshop elements to make the tags for the front. There are 3 bins for boy toys and 3 bins for girl toys. They are the following:
Red - Trains
Purple - Barbies
Green - Kitchen
Burgundy - dinosaurs
Blue - Cars/Trucks
Pink - jewelry/Phones

Legos are stored high up so they can't get them down and put them all over my house. They have to ask when they want to play with those.

I moved their dress up clothes to the toy box.

Don't forget I have triplets so everything has to be done in 3's. Here are their computer desks. They got them for Christmas. They are only allowed to use them if we are in the room with them.

2 big rubbermade boxes. Top one used to have their dress up clothes in it. But now it has hats and pocketbooks. Still dress up but at least it's sorted. Bottom box is filled with books. I really need to go through that box and get rid of most of it. It's books from when they were little really and most of them have torn out pages.

Last but not least is their craft desks. These used to be in our kitchen because they are still not left alone when doing crafts because they are not trusted quite yet to be on their own. Walls show for this. Magic eraser to the rescue numerous times in our house. My husband wanted to get rid of these desks but I'm assuming they will come in handy once they are able to draw on their own. They have chairs that go with the desks too but at the moment they are in our garage.

That's it. Our new improved toy room. Now, lets see if I can get the kids to keep it organized.

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Lynne said...

What a super job! Your playroom looks terrific! I love the color-coded bins with the photos attached. They look great! You're smart to put the legos up high! I also use containers that are "hard to open" for that purpose too!
Thanks for sharing all your hard work!

MOMMY said...

How cute! I love how they each have a computer and desk. My kids share a computer and it gets nasty at times-LOL

I like bins with canvas "drawer"-are they from Target? I have had my eye on some from there.


Thea said...

That's quite a big undertaken. Great job!!

Kristi said...

You did a wonderful job! I love the colorful bins and the sweet desks. Way to go!!!

Elizabeth said...

That looks amazing! You have really inspired me to tackle our playroom... and it's scary in there. LOL!

Hadley Coble said...

looks great! I would love to know where you got the kitchen and computer desk. We are beginning homeschool, so I would love to have some small ones like that when my girls get a tad older. I think they will love having the craft tables later on too!

TheFiveDays said...

Wow, three computer desks AND three art desks. You are super organized to keep all that together as well as all the toys that must come with triplets! I am impressed!!

Diane said...

What an awesome job. I love those canvas bins we have a few of those around our house too.

~ LHP ~ said...

I love those desks! I'm not sure if it's the desk themselves or the sight of the three all lined up . . .

Brenda said...

Your playroom looks awesome! I go crazy cleaning up after 2 kids - I can't imagine triplets! I love their little computer desks.

Coco Lucas said...

I the link to your blog on org junkie, and your play room looks so good! I was wondering where you got the different colored bins for the toys, very creative!
Have a good one

Org Junkie said...

Wow well done! I can only imagine the challenge of having triplets presents with three of everything, holy smokes. Looks like you've got quite a handle on it now. The colored bins look amazing and your labels are so creative. Much more exciting than mine :)