Friday, June 06, 2008

Letter to Younger Self 2008

I did this for a journaling challenge. You had to write a letter to your younger self and give advice. If you like to join in on the challenge the rules can be found here.

My page may be a bit small to read the journaling so the journaling reads:
Dear Self, You will learn many different crafts but you will only stick with one. The one that you will stay with will allow you to achieve a lot of satisfaction quickly. You will enjoy your craft and do it often. It will give you comfort when you are lonely and feeling down. Your first love will be tragically taken away by a car accident at age 17. But don’t worry because at the time of the accident you will be comforted by another boy in high school. You will fall in love with this boy and have a long engagement and will marry at age 25. However, your husband will be a workaholic so your craft will certainly be a comfort to you while married. You will want to start a family but it will take you many years before having children. You will be told that you will never be able to have children. God will have other plans for you. He will find you and you will study very hard to learn about him. Once he feels you have learned about him he will bless you with not one but a complete family. He knows how frightened you are of child birth so he will bless you with triplets so you won’t have to go through child birth again. You will have a difficult time being a mom raising the triplets partially alone. You will get help from your mom when they are babies. As they get older your husband will start helping. Hang in there you can do it. Love Laura


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