Friday, June 06, 2008

Menu Plan update

What in the world was I thinking when I planned my menu this week! All the recipes take over 2 hours to cook. Talk about stressful when you only have one hour to actually prepare stuff to get it on the table by 5.

Tues - I did make the chicken rice casserole. I thought it was okay. Unfortunately, my family didn't eat it. Nor did my children even try to eat it. So that recipe will not go in my book.

Wed - I wound up skipping what I had planned and made something really quick. Dan's Meat Wraps. Oh my this was a big hit in my house. I only did the roast beef and cheese in the wrap in the microwave like described and then cut them in half for each kid. The kids I used American Cheese and in mine I put swiss cheese. On the side I gave them thousand island to dip. They loved it. Even my husband liked it. Plus it only took 45 seconds to make. Great idea to get rid of lunch meat before it goes bad.

Thurs - Baked Swiss Steak - It was okay. Husband ate it but didn't comment. The kids only ate really the noodles which had butter on them. The meat and the tomatoes were not a big hit.

That comes to today! I didn't have time to get the crock pot ready so tonight I am making french fries and Egg and Sausage Casserole I had chicken sausage in the freezer and crescent rolls so I did an ingredient search and this is what I came up with. Luckily I had the cheeses too since I went shopping on Tues. It's baking now so won't have a comment on it until later.

But I so need to get my meals planned better. Anyone have any good 20 minute type meals or websites that they frequent for this information. I so need help. This menu planning always stresses me out.

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jfortner said...

We had to go to making dinners on Sunday nights. We would usually make two dinners; lasagana, meatloaf, salsbury steak, terriki, etc. The catch is we would make two of each so we made four dinners in total and froze two for future weeks and had two ready for that week, after the first week you have two frozen for that week and two fresh. You miss one Sunday and you still have two meals; but if you miss two Sundays you are back in the same boat scrambling.

Two easy things that my kids eat believe it or not is salmon, broil it a few minutes then put on a mixture of brown sugar and lemon juice, just enough lemon juice to make a thick paste out of the sugar and then spread it in the center of the filet - it will melt out as it warms. Then the other is terriki pork; just buy the cheap mixed pork chops and cut them into slivers then we cook them in Yodhidas cooking and marinade sauce. Just put in plastic bag with sauce for a few minutes; or if you make sunday for a couple days, freezes well to. Bot we serve with steamed rice which the kids like withthe same marinade sauce on top.